Tuesday, May 12, 2015

More summer clothes!

Hey June Patterns, on Craftsy
 We are getting ready to spend the summer abroad. So this summer we need clothes that are easy to pack and wash and that go well together. I have been making some new things for all of us. But as usual the most fun to make are the clothes for the kiddo.

I found this super cute Racerback Tank Dress from Hey June, on Craftsy.

And it is FREE! Which is a great price. But not only is it free but it is a pretty darn good pattern. It prints beautifully and tapes together nicely.

There are 3 pieces to cut, front, back and the back yoke. There is also a great tutorial on how to put it together. I used store bought binding so, I cannot attest to the binding directions I just did my own thing there. But her construction suggestions are perfect.

So far I have made three of these in tank top length. My kiddo is not really into dresses right now but loves tanks and shorts.

I love how the different size lines printed in rainbow color, very cheerful.

2nd one I made
The only flaw in the pattern is that the neckline on the front is way too high. The picture above is straight from the pattern. My daughter hated how high the neck was. I cut to original binding off and re-did it after taking about another 1/2 an inch out. But it was a pretty easy fix and I have fixed it on the pattern.

Kid was willing to pose for pictures, but refused to go outside where the light would have been way better.

My favorite part of this pattern in the back, it looks a little girly but still entirely appropriate.

Are we done yet Mama?

She is getting tank tops out of the extra fabric from my clothes, so there are a few more of these in her future.

Hope you are getting ready for a fun summer too, more soon....

Peace Out - C

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