Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Super easy fix for the too bulky bandana headband!

 I love the look of the bandana headband. I especially love it for days I am wearing casual clothes and / or working around the house.

There is something both retro and timeless about this look.

I used to take a full handkerchief / bandana and fold it into a headband. But it would always be just a little too small and not want to stay on my head sort of felt like it was always about to pop off. (I found this pic on-line, don't you just love Google?)

So I started wear two bobby pins at the sides of the headband above my ears and that works but was a little annoying. One day it finally dawned on me, "why don't I just sew the headband the way I want it?'

Now I just take the bandana fold it in half, right sides together and simply serge at the width I want for my headband.

You could do this with a regular machine and then just use your preferred method for finishing the edges, such as pinking or zig zag stitching to avoid fraying. I wear these a lot for working out so they get washed a lot and therefore serging was the most practical for me.

 Then you just turn your headband right side out and you have your bandana headband ready to go all full of cuteness minus the bulk. Go forth and wear it with pride knowing you made something mundane just a little more useful.

I just thought this picture was funny.

Peace Out - C


  1. I was JUST looking for a tutorial on how to do this. Thank you so much! Definitely going to try it!

  2. Awesome glad I could help let me know how it goes!

  3. Great, Thanks :)