Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Wrap up

Today is November 1. It is cold and windy and I have on a sweatshirt. I was sure it was never going to happen. I was sure this was going to be the year that summer lasted forever. Since I live in GA there is a good chance we will see a weird 80 degree day again before the end of they year, but I think I can finally steadily wear long pants and sleeves safely.

Halloween night went about like it always does. We met up in the front yard, took pictures, hit a few houses and then the youngest kids started to melt. So we were home by 7pm.

M really like the colors and general wintery-ness of Frozen, but she wanted to be herself and not someone else. She wanted to be Marion the Winter Fairy. I was totally supportive of the self confident decision and dove into making the fairy costume. M picked out the pattern McCall's M4887. Which was super simple to make. But turn out pretty.

I did not like the plan for the wings that the pattern included so I had to make my own wings.

I used a layer of mirror organza and a layer of netting to create the base of the wings. Then I sewed wire to create the veins of the wings.

I did a satin or zig zag stitch over the wire to make each row so that the wings would be stiff but flexible.

Yes it took a lot of time to make them this way. Be careful not to hit the wire because then it gets forced down into your machine. And you have to stop and pull it out and fix it and start sewing again.

But it is worth the work because they come out beautiful.

 It is usually a safe bet to make a "skimpy" costume here in GA. However last night was the first cold Halloween of M's life. Which happened to coincide with her first "skimpy" costume.

While she ended up with leggings and a sweatshirt on under her costume, at least I was not carrying a bug furry costume around.
What is it about a criss cross strap that is so appealing? Not sure but it is lovely. It i a detail that no one but me saw. But I still like that it was there.

Last weekend we went to the Halloween parade and were able to wear our costumes without extra clothes under. For my Autumn Fairy, I used the same pattern form M's costume and made it bigger. And I used a different skirt pattern that deserves a whole post to it's self. I made my wings the same way but used black and gold stretch net and some brown tulle as the base for my autumn colored wings.

 Fairy make-up was added to M's costume. I like the giant snowflake on her face and she also has snowflake buttons in her hair.

A few people mistook her for Elsa. I was like "Does Elsa have wings?" and they would just look at me all big eyed and blinky. Well does she? NO she does not. Have a little imagination kid, she's a winter fairy.

I was mistook for a gypsy, but that I get I did sort of look like a gypsy with wings. But who knows maybe that is what an Autumn fairy looks like?

I did Eric's makeup too. We threw together a last minute scarecrow costume for him. It actually turned out pretty cool for just being stuff we had around the house.

 M and I both wore cowboy boots with our costumes. Hers were the perfect color to accent her costume. I was going for comfort and warmth, but they worked for looks too.

All in all another fun Halloween was had by all. And we are going to another party tonight. May get another chance to wear costumes?

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