Monday, May 18, 2015

My first quilt, was HUGE!

This is technically not the only quilt I have ever made. Years ago I made what I would call a t-shirt blanket, but it fell apart and was a bit if a disaster. I also made one baby quilt. So let's call this my first real quilt, since I made it for my bed and we get to keep it. I am sort of amazed it is for real finished and we are sleeping under it.

I found the "Big Bang Theory" fabric and ordered a bunch of it, not sure what I was going to make. Clothes would just be silly and I don't really need any more bags. Therefore I decided to make a King size quilt for my bed. I added the robot and planet fabric to balance it out. Because a whole quilt with just "Big Bang Theory" would be too much, right?

Real life CUTE Physicist!
If you don't know - my husband, Eric Weeks is a real live physicist (the picture on his website is about 10 years old). He looks a little like Sheldon, but is more personable like Leonard. And I like to imagine myself as Penny. Ok I know I do not look like Penny. But I am a non-scientist and feel like she must feel a lot of the time.

Back to the quilt, I asked my mother in law for some easy quilt patterns. She sent me some and I did not think all of them were easy. I like really simple quilt designs in general. But I found this subway tile idea in one of her magazines.

I am going to be honest, I am still not entirely on board with the "cut fabric into tiny pieces to sew it back together again" concept. But I do respect it a lot more now. Even though it is not the type of sewing I plan to do much of in the future.

Last summer I made the top of this quilt. I cut out all the pieces and laid them out in my garage because it is a king size quilt and that is the only place I could lay it all out to look at it.

It was cut and sewed in 1 day back on June 21, 2014 while M was away at sleep away camp.

Then I folded it up and it sat in my studio until April 2015. When I was packing up to go to "The Stash Bash" I decided to throw it in so I could show my new quilt-y friends and see what they thought I should do with it.

Well, there was a long arm machine at the event for us to try. And my new friend Susan ended up buying the machine.

Another new friend, Kassie, encouraged me to quilt my quilt! So I ran to Hobby Lobby and bought batting and backing. Well I did get lost going to Hobby Lobby so that was a little frustrating.

It was a good thing I did this at "The Stash Bash" because I have no idea how I would have gotten this done any other way.

Several people (THANK YOU) helped me through the process of laying out the backing. Then the batting and the top. Lots of people walked by and said "That's the biggest quilt I have ever seen!".
Then I pinned the whole thing together.Susan and I took turns doing the actual quilting on her fancy new machine. She is much better at it than I am.  And it took us about four hours or so to do. But we got it quilted!!!

For the binding I decided it would work to just use the backing. This is a quilt to be used and loved. It will be slept under and washed. Also the thought of adding another fabric to all this craziness was making my head spin.

I had asked a few people and tried to decide what to do with it before "The Stash Bash" but it was tough to get an easy answer out of anyone. Which is weird because I was going to pay these people to quit it for me. I think they assumed I had any idea what I was doing. I did not. But now I do. With many thanks to Chris, Susan and Kassie. Also Debbie, Leslie and all the ladies who gave me pointers and encouragement.

I was nervous about going to The Stash Bash, but I am so glad I went!! I made new friends, had a great time and am much less afraid of quilting than I was before. XOXOXO to all my peeps, I could not have done this with out you!!!

Peace Out - Chrissy

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