Wednesday, January 27, 2016

SF Trip - Day 4 (part 1 - Betabrand)

Yesterday was quite a day. I did so many things I think I shall break it up into two parts.
"Betabrand" (part 1) and 
"Vacation-y Stuff" (part 2).

How I ended up on this trip to San Francisco? I entered a design contest that Betabrand was having. But I really need to back up and tell you more. In July I was on a train in Scotland, we were going by fields with sheep. As we were passing said sheep, I wondered, what do they do with the wool from the black sheep? Husband and I had witty banter about the possibilities. 

Sometime later I googled "black sheep wool sweater".  The first thing that comes up is the Betabrand website selling their black sheep wool sweaters. So I promptly bought one. Sometime later I further checked out their website and realized I could submit design ideas to them. I submitted my shirt idea, and the timing was right for it to be part of a contest they were having. I got the most votes, won the contest and got the choice of coming to SF or going to Ice Land. Since I was doing this trip solo, I chose SF. 

Back to yesterday...Betabrand is out in the Mission (in Atlanta terms think Buford Highway). So a bit far and a bit of a weird-ish neighborhood. I took the bus out there so I could see what there is to see between Nob Hill and The Mission. Well turns out not much, but was only about a half hour bus ride so no big loss. 

I was early so I did some shopping (see part 2). Then headed to meet Liz for lunch. 

When I arrived at the Betabrand HQ I realized that it is a shop / office / workshop / sewing studio / creative space all rolled into one. It is a really cool space and I think it would be totally fun to work there. All the people I met that work there did seem pretty happy and friendly. 

Hey Liz, up there in your cute office nook!
This picture is a little blurry and dark, but that is Liz working at her desk on the 2nd floor loft above the store. 

She says she stands all day up there on here perch. It seems cool but I would be distracted, I guess you can get used to anything. 

Liz took me out to lunch at a cool Mexican place and since I am technically on vacation I had a margarita, a veggie taco and sweet plantains. It was delicious and Liz was great to talk to. We talked a little business but spent most of lunch getting to know each other. 

After lunch she showed me around the offices and introduced me to everyone. As I said all super nice. But all really busy and actually working. California is supposed to be laid back, but I think we southerners have them beat. I have never been in an office in Atlanta with so many people actually working. 

Super cute Betabrand store.
I captured Sasquatch. Not sure why they have this photo "experience" but it is funny.
Mural on wall outside of store.
I met with the people who are going to take product pictures and design the website page for my shirt. They asked me all sorts of questions and sadly I had no answers for them. Where would someone wear your shirt? Well.... anywhere really. I just wanted to make a shirt that fit people. We did come up with some scenarios and I am going to think on it some more. But I was not much help. I am afraid I am a wee bit too old to be a hipster. And Betabrand is squarely in the hipster category. 

Prototype is not ready but they are working towards crowd-funding (aka pre-orders) being up and running in February. All you peeps who voted for me better spread the word to your friends and buy up some shirts! 

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