Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's all about how you style an outfit.

Not flattering!
   I made this dress back in about March maybe April. It is M5703    which is a Create It! pattern. The concept behind these is great. There are a few bodice styles and skirt styles and different pockets and such. You choose which ones you like and put them together. It is great in concept and cute on the model. However I did not really take into consideration how this style would look on my body type. 

It came out looking a little like a moo-moo or a house dress or something. I was very sad and disappointed because I really love this fabric. I felt like I had wasted good fabric. It just hung in my closet for a while.

Then the weather really warmed up and I was too busy at the time to make any new clothes. Out of desperation for a cute summer dress I decided to see if there was any way I could make this dress work.

I now have 2 ways I can wear this dress and make it at least somewhat cute.

Option 1 - Gold Belt to create a waist, brown patent leather wedge sandals and a big carved wood necklace with small turquoise earrings. I have worn it this way a couple of times. Not my best outfit but still better than going to the grocery store in sweats or some such nonsense.

Option 2 - This is how I typically wear it.  With a brown belt, big gold rimmed earrings, gold seed bead necklace and cowboy boots. Sometimes the boots get really hot in the summer but you have to suffer for fashion on occasion.

Option 2
The belt shown in option 2 was a splurge at the Gap. But it was worth it I really wear it a lot and it has rescued other outfits beyond this one. The boots are about 4 years old and are cheap pleather boots from Target. I dream of owning real day. 

Basically you have to work with what you've got and make the most of it. You really can do a lot with accessories and change the way you wear items. Go dig in your own closet and come up with a creative solution.  I would love to see some pictures of different ways you wear the items in your closet.

Sorry about the weird skinny pictures, the blue wall make a perfect background by my photographer manages to get a lot of junk in the picture that I have a hard time cropping out. It is impacting my lay-out today.

Some mornings Marion helps me make my fashion choices.


Most days she is my best accessory. 

Hope you have a great day today! Anyone have anything exciting or interesting planned?

Peace Out - C

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