Friday, February 4, 2011

Breathing life and wearibilty into an old project.

This time last year was the first (and right now only) time I have ever traced a pattern out of Burda Style Magazine and used it.  For those of you who are not familiar with the magazine, the reason it intimidated me was this is what the pattern pages look like...

What you do is figure out what color the lines are for the pattern that you want to use. Then you trace those onto tracing paper and go on about making your project.

This is what your pattern pieces look like after they are traced and cut. And oh yeah... you need to add your own seam allowance. I made mine 1/2 an inch, much easier to add to the pattern piece than that standard 5/8.  And yes that is a little broken piece of ruler. It works well for small spaces so I have kept it.

This is what the dress looked like in the magazine.

This is what it looked like when I wore it on Tuesday night.

Why did I make it last year and only wear it once until now? Honestly it was hard to style because of the color. The first time I wore it with nude hose and brown heels and it was ok. This time I think the brown tights and cowboy boots were better. I just do not have thin legs and I need to accept that for now.  Also when I made it I messed up the hem and was super lazy about fixing it. It was in my mending pile for about 8 months before I grabbed it and fixes the hem which took me all of 8 minutes.

I am not sure that this is the best style of dress for me. I think that the top and waist are flattering but I think I need and a-line skirt to draw a little attention away from my chubby knees. One thing I would do differently is the zipper. I used a metal zipper and because of the way I put it in (yes I still suck at zippers, but getting better) there is no fabric behind it and that things gets COLD! Not a good plan.

I recently splurged and got a new subscription to Burda Style and I am super excited and cannot wait for it to get here! I really need to start planning my spring wardrobe.

Have a good weekend!

Peace Out - C

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