Monday, March 7, 2011

Me Made Clothes go on Vacation

So I am on vacation with the fam. Vacationing with a 3 year old keeps you a little more "in the condo" than before we had a kid, so while she watches some post bath TV I am writing this. We are in FL visiting my in-laws aka "the Grandparents". We are having a nice time. But the thing that I am thinking about is the fact that I have been able to successfully continue Me Made March even while on vacation.

Outfit #1 of the day
I don't know about you but when I am on vacation I end up changing clothes more times during the day than I would at home. This is my first outfit of the day. My "yoga" skirt, it is a skirt I made on the serger out of a big rectangle of knit and a piece of elastic. It has a folder-over waist like yoga pants is why I am calling it my "yoga" skirt. I LOVE it and as soon as I buy some more knit I will make another one and do a tutorial on it.  The shirt is an old shirt that was not my favorite when it was plain white but I tie dyed it a few years ago and get a lot more wear out of it now.

Outfit #2, Beach Attire
After lunch we decided to head to the beach. So I put on this Me Made top and some capri pants and was ready for the sand. It is basically a big rectangle with a neck cut out and covered with satin bias binding. The sides are sewn in to create a sleeve and that is about it. Nothing fancy but it was super comfy all afternoon.

My cute hubby wore a shirt that I made for him today too. So it was a Me Made family affair. Marion has been only wanting to wear her bathing suit. But I do have to say that if I looked that cute in a bathing suit I would wear it all the time too.

Hope you are having a good Monday where ever you are today!

Peace Out - C

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