Monday, April 11, 2011

New Spring Dress

Today I am laying in bed catching up on computer stuff. I think I have a touch of food poisoning or something along those lines and am not feeling well at all. So sad! Since it is amazingly beautiful out today.

But the good news is that I did get to go outside a lot over the weekend and enjoyed a fun dinner out last night.

Last week I spent lots of time making stuff for myself. Some of it was more successful than others. But I did learn a lot which is part of the whole process right? I am still working on getting things to fit me. The biggest challenges I have fitting are that I have tiny shoulders, a large chest, a medium waist and large hips. I decided to try this timeless basic easy dress pattern, Butterick B443. I used view C which is the yellow dress in the picture.

I made myself a plaid dress. It was meant to be both a muslin for the pattern and practice in matching plaid. The fabric is shirting that I got on sale for $1.95 a yard. The nice thing is that I was not worried about messing up the fabric. The cruddy thing is I loved the dress on my dress form. And it was super comfy to wear but looking at this picture I am not sure it is entirely flattering.

I am hoping it looked better in person and just a bad camera angle but the bodice of this dress was tough to fit me. I cut a pattern size 18 because that is for sure what I needed in the waist. And I made all sorts of adjustments to the bodice because well it just did not fit at all.  I left the waist as is and adjusted the bodice seams and armpits. Maybe what I should do is cut a smaller bodice and make the waist bigger. Essentially the opposite of what I did.

I also made some pleats at the neckline on the front and the back because the neckline was huge. The shoulders where like a mile apart. I was hoping that it would be a cute effect that looked like it was part of the design of the dress. Now I am not so sure.

The skirt part fits great and the belt is super cute. I just don't think this is the right dress pattern for me. Or maybe I just did not make the right adjustments. I am not sure I will try this one again. Thank goodness I got this pattern on sale for $1.00. I just don't really know how I could make this pattern work for me? Except that I totally can use the skirt pieces to make myself another skirt because I think it hangs perfectly and is the right length. I am sure I will be able to wear this plaid number as a casual day dress. But maybe not my best ever. I am sure I will get it eventually just have to keep trying.

It was perfect for our Saturday, day trip to Warm Springs GA, where we enjoyed a little festival.

Marion Loved it she told me in the car on the way to school today that she liked: "eating a hot dog and chips, getting her face painted, getting a (temporary) tattoo, and eating cookies while listening to the music".

On Saturday in the car on the way home from Warm Springs I was in a bit of a funk because I was hot and hungry. But looking back on it I am glad I got to spend the day with my cute little family and that Marion had such a super fab time.

Life is all about trying new things and working on figuring out what you want and what you are good at. As soon as my stomach stops hurting I am going to go try and work on this stuff myself.

Peace Out - C 


  1. I am making this pattern as a bridesmaids dress for my daughter, but I should have read some reviews first, because now I'm scared! My daughter is 5'6", and very thin. The smallest size was 8, so I was planning on having to adjust it, but everyone seems to agree that the bodice is a major issue! I already have it cut out, so starting anew is not really an option.
    One thing that I am having problems with is understanding how to cut out the tie. The diagram has it pinned on two layers, yet half of it is hanging out from the fabric. What am I supposed to do with that??

  2. Hi Mom 12x - sorry I did not see this comment earlier. I have been on a LONG vacation and I don't get emails on these comments. One idea is since it is already cut and you need it smaller you could do a seam down the front middle to make it smaller? Or you could possibly try gathering the neckline because the neckline is what was way to big for me. Also the belt is in two piece I would have to look at it but I think it means you cut it out once while the fabric is folded and then the 2nd piece you cut you open the fabric and cut it. Let me know how it goes and if you have any more questions. You can email me directly at Good Luck!