Monday, May 16, 2011

New Kindle Cover for My Hubby!

For his upcoming birthday I talked my sweet hubby into getting a Kindle. We have WAY too many books and we do not need any more. When he was ordering it has asked me if he should order a cover for it. In my usual fashion I said, "no, why would you do that? I can make you a cover".

His actual birthday is later this week, but since he already had the Kindle I figured it should be protected. I went ahead and made the cover and gave it to him today. When you are like super old birthdays are sort of weird any way, right? In general birthdays last about a week around here. Mine can sometimes stretch to two weeks if I work it right.

  To make this cover I basically made a little fabric envelope. I edged the whole thing in bias tape which made it easy to construct.

I used Velcro as the closure. But I put it too high up on the flap and it was all sticky up when it was closed. It was not terribly attractive and it would have driven me crazy. So I added a button and some elastic to hold it down.

My ever positive husband said that it is nice that it has two closures so it is extra secure.

The button actually adds a little something to the look of the cover. And Eric is right it is probably a good idea to have a double closure. That Kindle was pricey so I feel a little better that it is protected now. If you have never held one it is incredibly thin and light. Makes me a little nervous actually.

The outer fabric is quilt weight cotton. Then the interior is wool felt and poly batting. I like that the bias tape creates an edge that I hope will protect the Kindle from being hurt if it falls. However Eric is way gentler on electronics than I am.  I always manage to kill small appliances and electronics. My latest victim was our vacuum cleaner, I am going to have to break down and buy a new one soon.

My next projects are gifts for my Nieces, who are turning 1 and 5 in a few weeks. Also Miss Marion has asked me again to make me and her matching P.J.s we shall see what gets made next.

I hope you are having a great week so far!

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