Friday, November 22, 2013

New Cape! McCall's M5764

I LOVE capes! And I love that they are in style this season. I made Miss M a new coat and had enough fabric left to make myself something. I didn't really want a new coat. Not much can top the wool / cashmere blend black trench that I scored at Uniglo in NYC a couple of years ago, I got it for a steal and it fits perfect.A new coat might be a bit of a let down when I have the perfect coat already.

However a cape is never a let down and is always necessary. Even when you don't really need one.

McCall's (M5764) is calling this a cape-let, so I guess that is what you call a short cape. 

I really like the idea of the belt, but thought it would make it look and feel less cape-y and the point of a cape is to be cape-y, right?

The fabric matches M's new coat with some slightly more grown up trimmings. I thought black accents were in order to make it a wee more sophisticated.

As always I did not follow the directions. So I have no comment on their instructions. But it was super easy to throw together.

I added a lining. And it was a wee bit shorter than I wanted, which is how I ended up with the trim at the bottom. But it was a happy accident and I think it really adds some flare to the finished product.

Just look at how freaking perfect that houndstooth lines up! Sometimes I even amaze myself. 

Back when I bought this pattern,  at least 4-5 years ago I imagine, I bought these hooks. I think that they also add a little flare to the cape. And make it more fun. Buttons would be nice too. But since I had them I decided to go with these.

Since the Arctic has invaded good old Decatur GA I have actually had the chance to wear my lovely cape a couple of times. I have to say it is FUN to wear. I made a different cape, using a Burda pattern, a couple of year ago and I think this one is WAY better. The Burda cape has arm slits and is just less functional than the McCalls.

My new cape is a better shape and is much more comfortable. However, it is a bit less warm, but that's ok. Who needs to be warm when you look amazing?
Go forth and make something that makes YOU look and feel amazing!!
Peace Out - C

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