Monday, March 10, 2014

Chair, covered in chairs

We have been re-doing the house because of the burst pipe. We are finally finished with the walls and all the important stuff. But making some of it all new and nice made the parts that were left look old and sad and dirty.

We have decided to replace all the sad and old with the new and colorful.

My husband bought this chair as part of a set about 10 years ago. We have two of these chairs, two ottomans, a couch and a love seat. One of the chairs has been designated as Mama's comfy chair.

I have set it up as a little reading / working nook. Got myself a nice lamp and a basket to keep all my stuff in.

I could still use some more storage to make this a real work area. But I decided to go ahead and make this chair not look so sad. Fortunately the stains do not photograph as obvious as they are in reality.

 I wanted to just pop the bottom off and staple the fabric on for both the chair and the ottoman.  But the screws were pretty much stripped and would not let me do that.

Because I ran into this problem, I decided to go ahead and make a slipcover. The advantage of a slipcover is that I can take it off and wash it. Since it does have a white background I decided this was the best approach even if it meant it was more work to complete.

Getting this project done has been on my to-do list for about a month. And never letting it get to the top was not making me happy. Therefore I was determined to be able to cross it off by the end of the day today.

Look how much more cheerful this chair looks now. And it is funny a chair covered in chairs! This fabric is from Ikea and was only about $5.00 a yard.

The back pillow was the easiest part, strangely. I put a zipper in the bottom of the cover and smooched the original pillow into the new cover.

For the bottom of the chair and the ottoman I made just some easy pull on covers. The weirdest spot was were the arms meet the chair cushion. It is a tight squeeze, but I managed to wiggle it on there and get it all setteled.

Now my comfy chair is not only comfy but is also cheerful and is on the list of my favorite spots in our house.

There are lots more things that I want to spruce up and get off my to do list. But I am happy as I check this project off.

Peace Out - C

p.s. even with all the problems this project took me about 4 hours to complete. Sometimes the hardest part is deciding what to start on.


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