Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Deadline is looming.....

This is a pile of fabric and cut out pieces that really is starting to take shape as several costumes. I have spent hours and hours thinking about costumes and honestly several less hours actually making them.

My first deadline was this Octonauts costume. In case you are not up on your toddler TV shows, it is a Disney Jr. show that is not entirely annoying but is not main stream enough to have "store bought" costumes.

This one was pretty easy. I started with a toddler jogging suit pattern. I added ears and attached the hat to the hood. That way it won't get lost.

To get the logo on the hat I used Inko-Dye which is always fun to work with. I made my own pattern for it and used ultra weight sew in interfacing to make sure it keeps its shape.

I added the collar and faux zipper to the shirt, and made a little utility belt. The pocket on the utility belt is a working pocket so I hope he does not leave anything in there that could melt. But the compass is just for looks.

Add a pair of blue pants with a polar bear tail and there you have it "Captain Barnacles".

I hope that my little 4 year old pal who ordered this will enjoy it. He had it on when he left my place so that is a good sign.

I hope after Halloween I will have some cute pictures of him wearing it.

Will post more pics this week as I get more costumes done.

Starting to get excited! Our first Halloween event is this weekend.

Later Peeps!

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