Thursday, October 23, 2014

I like Anna, from FROZEN

Ahhh.... the question Elsa or Anna? Well as alluring and glamorous as Elsa is, there is something
From the cover of the pattern package

about Anna that I like better. Anna is the one who is actually brave and loyal. Elsa starts out hiding
from her problems. Anna is just more fun and realistic, with all her quirky weirdness. Plus she is a doer. She gets the job done, my kind of gal.

So it was very fun to get to make an Anna costume. I used the McCalls M7000 again. Since I had already used it a few times I knew it would go together smoothly.

The basics of the outfit are the same as the Elsa dresses. But I used very different fabrics and I got to make a cape! I love a good cape!

The little girl who ordered it picked it up yesterday and she was squealing and clapping with delight. It was SOOOOO cute. Her older sister got an Elsa dress. Her reaction to the Elsa dress was cute too "it's just so realistic", is actually a pretty good compliment from a Frozen obsessed seven year old girl.

I applied the applique to the flat cut out pattern pieces, which you should always do if possible. I also simplified the applique design a little. There are only so many hours in the day and it gives you the basic idea. The applique pieces are fleece. You know to go with the whole winter theme.

This is the front bodice piece. I used stretch sparkle velvet which is soft and cozy.

For the skirt I used blue satin and the white top is actually a fabric very similar to tights. It is stretch and soft.

I am going to be super honest and admit that there is not supposed to be a center seam in the skirt. The first one I burned. But that is what I get for being lazy and trying to use Heat & Bond instead of sewing. They look better sewn and they will stay on forever.

A trick for holding the applique pieces in place is to use glue stick. But you have to let it dry for a while before you sew. If you sew while the glue is still wet you just gum up your needle. And your fabric will still move on you.

Since I had burned the first piece I had to start over on the skirt front. Sadly I did not have enough fabric to do it in one piece. However I think it worked out just as lovely. And actually I think the dress looks nicely balanced with the one flower on the bodice and two on the skirt. I think more would have over powered the tiny gal who will be wearing this lovely gown. I simply serged the bottom of the skirt in pink the accent the pink in the flowers.

The cape is my very favorite part. I love the style, the color the whole thing is just fun. This is the same stretch sparkle velvet that I used for the bodice, but in fuchsia.

For the trim I used GIANT black ric rack, per request. And it turned out way better than I thought it would. The closure at the neck is a satin "frog" that is the same color. I bought a bunch of these when I was in China, this is the first one I have used.

I have to admit there is a little part of me that wants to make one of these capes for myself. And ironically I have already taken a different kids pattern and scaled it up for myself for my own personal Halloween costume.

Which hints at YES there are more costumes to come. Next I will show you my kiddo's costume and then my own. Hope you have pics of all the cuties who now own these costumes shortly after Halloween.

Only eight more days til the big day!!! Are you ready for trick-or-treaters? It's on a Friday this year, which means CHAOS will ensue........

p.s. If you have not yet seen this drag queen rocking out to "Let it Go" you really have to see it  (Kid friendly) 

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