Sunday, January 24, 2016

San Francisco Trip Day 1

You may have seen that I entered a design in a contest for BetaBrand and well... I won!!

I got the most votes and won a trip to San Francisco. Traveling in January can be hit or miss. There is a huge winter storm on the whole eastern half of the US. Luckily my hometown, Atlanta, is just far enough south that the storm missed us. I barely slept at all Friday night worried that it would be too icy for me to drive to the airport Saturday morning. I left the house at 5:30am and was parking my car by 6.

After breezing to the airport, my flight was completely on time. I watched movies as we zipped across the country. I have to admit I am still mystified by the idea that early Saturday I was all the way on the other side of the country. Going west is crazy cool because it is like going back in time. I got a crazy long Saturday. 

I am staying at the lovely, historic Fairmont Hotel at the top of Knob Hill. (thank you Betabrand). My room was not ready when I get here so I wandered the neighborhood a little. It is gorgeous out. The sun is shining. But I have a bit of a cold and id not sleep the night before so.......

I laid down at 3pm and was completely out until I woke up at 8pm. Watched TV ate a few snacks out of the mini bar (who knows how much that's going to cost me) and crashed again around 10pm. However I magically slept until 7:20 which is amazing since now I may be sort of acclimate to the time change. 
View from my hotel room.
My plan for today is to take some more cold medicine to try to unplug my poor ears, get dressed and head out for some real food. Hopefully going early will mean I do not have to wait too long for a table. 
I have not seen or done much so far but I am enjoying to over the top luxury of my hotel and with all this sleep I feel like a new person ready to hit the city! 
Hope you are having a great day too! 

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