Tuesday, January 26, 2016

SF Day 3

This morning I wandered around lost. And I learned that there is the SF Muni subway. And the BART subway and the fare cards do not mix. Sadly I learned this the hard way and the BART guy was not terribly nice about it.

Whenever I am in a city that I like, I walk around wondering what it would be like to live there. Which always makes me remember that I used to day dream about living in my current house. It used to feel completely unattainable, so it is also a good reminder that anything can happen. I spent my first two days here wondering what it would be like to live here. Today with the MUNI / BART confusion it made it more real and less glamourous. I still think I could live here. But M & E would have to come because where ever they are is home. (I miss them!)

Due to lack of planning on my part, I had a mediocre breakfast, before I went and got lost (more poor planning). BUT it was BEAUTIFUL weather today. It was sunny and warm and amazing. So I decided to scrap my original no plans plan and head down towards the water.

I plunked down another $7 to ride the cable car over to Fisherman's Warf. I know it is touristy and sort of crappy and not the "real" San Francisco. But it was a great cable car ride down there. I ended up hanging off the side, and talking to a couple of guys from Detroit the whole ride. They are in town for the Super Bowl, which is in SF next weekend.

The Cable Car driver was super nice and was great about announcing stops, telling us where we were going and how to ride. Also yelling at crappy drivers. Just in case you did not know, passing a stopped cable car is like passing a stopped school bus. It is a No NO and you get a huge fine if police catch you doing it. He told me a sad story about a conductor that got hit and killed by a car passing the cable car. So sad! But good information. Now I know how to ride safely and if I ever drive in this crazy city I will obey that rule!

When we got down to Fisherman's Wharf I took a picture of our kind driver. He took a picture of me for me. Which is nice, when you travel alone you don't always manage to get pictures of yourself.

I lived out in the Dublin / Pleasanton area for a few years when I was a kid. And we would go into the city on weekends or when we had guests in town. I remember going to Fisherman's Wharf when I was little. It was different than it is now. There was no Apple Bee's or In & Out Burger.

The old part of Fisherman's Wharf is still there. A row of weird old restaurants that have weird cups of calamari for sale and one old weird souvenir shop. When I was little, I thought it was perfectly normal to walk around with a cup of squid and a tiny fork. I did not know how weird and at times wonderful my childhood was until I saw the more "normal" rest of the country.

I ate some lunch at Boudin's which was just ok. I could not get clam chowder in a bread bowl which was my favorite thing to get there as a kid. I am lactose intolerant and didn't want to risk it. Their crab cake sandwich was just ok. But the boudin's that is there now is about 10 times the size of the one that used to be there. It is sort of fascinating. The Ripley's Believe or Not has been there as long as I can remember. We LOVED going there. Lizzy Bordin was our favorite display. I decided agaist exploring that one, better save it for when I bring M. But they also have a Madame Tussaud's and a SF Dungeon. Did not partake in those either.

Then I wandered around and went in the Musee Mecanique which is basically a video game museum. But they have really, really old stuff along with Pac Man and such. I am not sure when this place opened but it is super cool. I have no idea how they afford to stay there and there is no admission to go in.

I am not sure who thought Opium Den was a fun game?!?

Or execution?

Or the super creepy Laughing Sal! You put in $.50 and she laughs and rocks back and forth. I am sure there is a You Tube of it somewhere if you are interested. So weird! But admission is free and it is pretty fascinating what used to pass for amusement. When Eric and I where in SF on our honeymoon (11.5 years ago) we went here. And I am pretty sure when we bring Marion here this summer we will go here. It is one of the few things I like at Fisherman's Wharf. 

This is the view of the city from Hyde Street Pier. 

Those are the boats at Hyde Street  Pier. 

The Golden Gate bridge is off in the distance. You cannot see it but there were people swimming in the bay. It was warm. And by warm I mean I was walking around in jeans, boots and a sweater and was comfortable. Which for SF is pretty stinking warm. But I was not about to jump in the bay and go for a swim. Crazy!

I took the cable car back to the top of the hill. It really is just a fun way to get around. However this time the driver was not chatty. It was a very efficient ride up Nob Hill. 

I took a shower and a rest and then I took myself out to dinner. I want to Amelie, a little wine bar on Polk Street. I walked down there which was good. I needed to keep moving. All this walking up and down hills, my legs are killing me!!!(over 17,000 steps today)

I had a lovely salad and flat bread with a glass of wine. I wimped out and took the bus back most of the way up the hill. I swear that bus driver was crazy. She was in a hurry or something. It is a steep hill. There is just no easy way to get up it.  

Salad in a jar. Weird presentation. Tasty Salad.

I have plans for tomorrow that include breakfast! Lunch and a meeting with peeps at Betabrand! And hopefully not getting too lost.

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