Wednesday, January 27, 2016

SF Trip Day 4 (part 2) & Day 5

Yesterday (aka Day 4) I really hit my groove. I am comfortable traveling solo, I have figured out how to get around and the weather was amazing.

I headed to Mama's for breakfast. I had read reviews and knew they were notorious for having a line. I got there at 8:25 on a Tuesday morning in January and yes there was a line. But I was in the door and had ordered by 8:55, waited a bit more for a table. But it was worth it. 

The food was good and it was a SF experience that was not just touristy. Locals wait in the line too. I got the bay shrimp omelet, with potatoes and sour dough baguette. The potatoes were just ok, the rest was delicious and worth the wait. I was surprised by the number of people dining alone. It was comforting in an odd way. 

You stand in line watching them make all the food. They make french toast out of all these breads. You can get a sampler platter of all the flavors, if you are in the mood for a sweet breakfast this place would be heaven. 

After that I walked back up the hill through China town. It was early, not a lot was open. But the one lady who was open and was nice to me suckered me in. I bought some little jade bracelets from her for M. I realized I forgot my fit bit so I walked to the hotel for a pit stop and to grab my fit bit. Then I walked down the other side of Nob Hill to catch the bus to the Mission. 

Before heading to Betabrand for my meeting (see part 1). I hit up the Fabric Outlet. At first I was not so sure. If this was my neighborhood fabric store I would be happy. They had a little bit of everything. LOTS of spandex and costume stuff which is fun. They have some upholstery, loads of vinyl, quilting cotton, t-shirt knit and more. Along with a good selection of notions.

But it was nothing special, nothing I could not get at home. Until I found my kryptonite. Funky cotton Lawns.

I normally pass on birds, but look at them and their little tree's. The colors are perfect. This is begging to become an Esme Top or a Washi Top.

Blue and purple is my jam! I could not leave this one behind. I know there is already a lot of tie dye in my wardrobe but I am who I am. 

Hello summer pants of 2016! 

After fabric shopping I went over to Betabrand (see part 1). After my Betabrand meeting I shopped my way to the transit station. I finally found a new purse, I have been searching for the right one. And a little gift the the hubby. Cute boutiques on Valencia. 

New Purse! 
I decided to take the BART (subway) back because I knew it would be fast and it was. I treated myself to another cable car ride up to the top and took a break. For dinner I went back to Chinatown and got some dim sum. Can't beat dinner for $4.90! 

This morning I went and got the last fancy breakfast of my trip. I went to Mymy on California Street. Coffee was great, food was decent, staff super nice. It was a good last breakfast. I bought road trip snack at Trader Joe's, rode the trolley up and over the hill and then back up again. I have since been enjoying the luxury and amazing view of my hotel room. 

San Francisco is beautiful and fascinating. It changes from block to block. There is every type of person you could imagine. I have spent a lot of time people watching, wondering what their lives are like. Especially walking in the morning, seeing people coming out of their buildings. Makes you want to know what it looks like inside.

One noticeable problem that SF has is a huge homeless population. And I was reading an article that pointed out that January is a lean month for the homeless. It is cold and people are not as generous as they were during the holidays. Some homeless people I encountered seemed pretty desperate. It is sad and frustrating and I never know what to do for them. I'll admit I gave the nicer ones a couple of bucks. It's always all about presentation. Smile and say hi is a better way to people's hearts.

San Francisco will always have a little piece of my heart. I am super grateful to Betabrand for this experience. It was AMAZING to get a fancy breakfast made for me so many days in a row! And to walk around as much as I wanted and enjoy all the great views and fresh air. However I am missing my peeps and ready to head home. I am ready for school pick up, and stinky neighbor kids invading my house. But most of all I am ready to see E & M, because where ever they are is home to me.

Take one last look at the great view with me. I packing up and heading to the airport.

Peace Out!
- C

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