Monday, February 29, 2016

Serger Repair

I am pretty much always on the fence between doing something myself and hiring out. When one of my sergers quite working properly I decided it might be worth making the repairs myself. 
Old knives.

I knew that the knife was dull. What I did not know until I started working on it, is that my Brother 1034D has two knives actually. 

So I ordered the parts on Amazon. I found a pair of knives for $9.99, and many other places where charging $29 for the same set? So I ordered the cheaper one from a company that appeared reputable. 

When they arrived I took the old knives off and replaced them with the new ones. Pretty straight forward actually. 

No knives. 
I took this picture with the old knives in so I could have a reference of what it is supposed to look like. 

Then I took a picture with the knives out. Just because I could. I got in there and cleaned out as much muck as I could. It was pretty dirty.  

New knives.

Now its clean-er and the new knives are in. I threaded her up and tested it out and it actually sews a nice balanced stitch. 

However it is still making a weird noise when it sews. It is not terrible I don't think there are any parts grinding or anything too terribly wrong. But of course I managed to knock over my bottle of sewing machine oil and crack it. It was leaking pretty bad so I had to trash it. 

Once I get some new oil I plan to really clean it and oil it and see where that gets me. I hope she will be good to go at that point. 

I like having two sergers because I have one always threaded with white and one I can change to other colors. Also good for traveling to have a spare and when one is down I still usually have one up and running. 

Hope you are having a productive start to your week! 

- Chrissy 

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