Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It starts tomorrow!

Eric and I as pirates in 2006
I LOVE Fall and Halloween is my VERY VERY favorite day of the year. I am super excited about change being in the air! 
I am already planning our family costumes and I did end up as a Co-Chair of the Octo-Boo Festival at M's school (October 30th you better be there!)
Marion as a Pony on her 2nd Halloween in 2008

The Self Stitched September challenge starts tomorrow. Therefore I decided to take an accounting of all my Self-Stitched garments. Some were made WAY before I signed up for the challenge and were already part of my every day wardrobe.

New Fall Clothes! Now maybe I need some shoes?

Total Self-Stitched garments 24 (But if the weather turns before the end of the month I am in trouble!)
Dresses - 8
6 are from before the challenge, 1 finished after I signed up and 1 is a store bought dress that I embroidered.

Skirts - 6 
All made before I signed up.
4 made from scratch
1 was a re-make I took a dress I did not like chopped it in half and made it a skirt
1 is embellished - hand dyed a blank

Shirts - 7 (need more!!!)
5 from before the challenge
1 completed last week
1 is a re-make of a mens t-shirt

Jackets 1
I FINALLY finished the evil green linen jacket (pictures of me wearing it soon)

Pants / Shorts 2
Just finished yesterday!

And a million more in my head just waiting to come out.  But I have one pattern cut already and today I started drafting the pattern to copy one of my favorite shirts. I have not done much drafting so we will shall see how it turns out but it is a really simple silhouette should be able to make it happen.

As far as goals for the week go I am doing well. I finished the pants, the shorts, the evil green jacket and a gift for my little buddy Mackenzie who is 5. Here is a pre-view of her gift but since it is a gift just a sneak.

Hope you are having a great week so far!

Peace Out! C

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