Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fixing up M's Room

Marion helping me take pictures of her room.
When I was a little girl we moved around A LOT. So most of the time my room had to be "sell the house" ready. Which meant beige walls and all that is bland.

When I got older I was able to sort of decorate a little more to my taste. But my dad made me go 3 shades lighter than the purple I really wanted since he was always very conservative about color. I have never really been conservative about anything so it drove me a bit crazy.

Before Marion was born I had these grand plans for a well decorated nursery room, which never totally came together. Now that she is 3 and has some of her own opinions she has been helping me re-decorate her room. She told me that it needed sparkles, red and pink sparkles to be exact. And I want her to feel like her room is her own. Like she has a little piece of the world all to herself to do with as she pleases.

I admit that the green she chose was not the green that ended up on the walls. She wanted a super dark forest green. But I vetoed that and went with a green that would match her current bed spread.

Ok she is 3, give me a break. When she is 12 or older she can choose whatever color she likes and I will help her re-paint. And yes you and she can hold me to that. After all it is just paint. I can be changed. Now my opinion of tattoos.......well that is a whole different story. Let's just say they are not as easy to change as wall paint or hair color.

For her birthday Marion received custom made wall letters from her Aunt Rachael. Which are super cute and very much add to the Marion-ness of the room. 

In addition to painting the walls I created some artwork for her. I had the cowgirl boot poster in a frame but when I was working on it I broke the glass. So I took the poster out and framed it with bias tape and turned the frame into a "Sparkle Board". I made the bias tape from some pink bandana print fabric and then hung it with a piece of jumbo rick-rack. While there was not a ton of sewing involved my love of sewing supplies did influence this creation. 

The Sparkle Board was created by coating the frame with glue and adding glitter. I have to say that the Marthe Stewart glitter, while expensive turned out to be amazing!! It is supper fine and creates a great effect.

We also painted and glittered some clothes pins and stars and hot glued those to the frame. I bought a roll of cork and glued it to the cardboard backing that came with the frame.

The plan is to clip her artwork and pictures of people she loves in the clothes pins until she is old enough to be trusted with push pins. It turned out great! I kind of want one for my work room.

I also plan to take the closet doors off, it is just too many doors for such a small room, and make a curtain. The curtains will be basically quilts framed in denim. I hope to get to them before the end of the year.

As for the Self Stitched September ("SSS") goes, I wore a headband to my step class. And then wore my "Awesome" re-fashioned shirt. I was home alone all day so I really felt like of my available self stitched items this was the most appropriate. Today I think may be a dress day.

Me in my "Awesome" shirt in Marion's lovely room.

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