Monday, August 23, 2010

Pile of projects and new goodies to contemplate, Oh My!

On Saturday I went to the craft swap over at Whipstitch. It was really fun, met some nice ladies and got some way cool stuff. I am working on some plans for what to do with the items I acquired. Will keep you posted on that ;) 

After finishing my most recent dress, I decided that I need some everyday clothes. I had a bunch of different stuff pulled out to think about and settled on making a a little blouse with some Japanese fabric I picked up when I was in Chicago. It was a major splurge to buy this fabric. So I felt like I really needed to make something that I would actually use.

I love it so far! The one problem is that I just don't have the right buttons for it yet. I will have to head out this week and do some button shopping. 

Yesterday was a cutting day. I cut out several projects and plan to working on sewing them up starting this afternoon. I have to sort of re-configure my sewing room for cutting so I like to do a bunch while I have it set up for cutting and then sew a bunch while I have it set up for sewing. 

Here are the projects I have cut and waiting to be sewn:

1. Simplicity 2422 - Pants, brown twill - these are supposed to go with that damned green jacket.

2. Simplicity 2894 - Shorts, tan linen

3. Simplicity 2894 - Tunic top in Heather Bailey Lindy Leaf in pink - I have realized that I have a thing for pick and red. This is super funny because when I was younger I hated pick and red together. Marion inherited my love of pink and red as well. I will enjoy it while it lasts.

4. McCall's M5992 - Capri pajama pants as a recycling project. The Betty Boop fabric used to be M's baby sling back when she was just tiny. And now it will soon be pj pants! 

Four cut projects should be enough for a few days. Additionally I committed to adapting some pajama pants for Sew Much Comfort and hope to get all of this done this week. I occasionally make things for this great organization, I need to make time to make more things for them. We make adaptive clothing for wounded soldiers. Check it out and if you are not a skilled enough sewer to help out you can make a donation. 

Here at home we had a great weekend! Saturday was our fun day and Sunday was our chore day but it was not too strenuous, at 5pm Marion was still napping and I still had on my jammies. 

On Saturday we went bowling in the morning. And in the afternoon we went to the Decatur BBQ & Blues festival. All I can say is that it was HOT and STICKY. But we went with my super fun cousin Stacy and we all had a great time.

Yes! A sausage (stolen from Mama) and a rib! 
Hope you had a good weekend and that you are looking forward to a productive week ahead. 

Peace Out! 

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