Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How to make a headband

I don't know about you but hot Atlanta weather does terrible things to my hair. It is just hot all the time, I feel like I am melting. My hair gets all weird and frizzy and does not look fantastic in a ponytail. Therefore the best solution I have found it to wear a headband.

Fabric Origami Flower Headband
Not only do they make my hair look decent, they can add color and style to an outfit and are a great way to use up some scraps. I make several different versions of headbands, including the fabric origami flower that I came up with, but this tutorial is for the simple tie back headband.

Ready? Well here it goes.....

You can make yourself a little pattern if you like. The headband is comprised of 3 pieces, one center piece and two tie ends.

Top: Headband Center Piece
Bottom: two tie end pieces, folded in half log way 
You may need to adjust the dimensions for your head. But I start with each of these pieces at 16" x 5".

Get your pieces cut out and then you will prep your edges.

For the center piece - if you have a serger, serge the top and bottom edge but don't bother with the ends. Then fold down your serged edges and hem. If you do not have a serger you can do a zig zag stitch, use pinking sheers or do a double fold hem to finish your edges.

Next, fold your tie ends in half, right sides together and press. While you are pressing, fold one end of the tie down 1/2" and press that as well. This will be one of your finished ends and the other will be sewn closed.

Next sew the tie end closed on the long end and at the bottom. You will have a folded over edge like the one shown above. After you have sewn your tie ends then you need to turn them. I use a giant wooden crochet hook.

After your tie ends are turned you need to press them. 

Top: turned and pressed
Bottom: ready to be turned and pressed
It is up to you if you want to top stitch your tie ends at this point. On this one I decided that it would be a cute contrast to top stitch in black. But if you do top stitch, make sure that you leave the turned under end open, do not stitch it closed.

Next you need to gather the ends of your center piece. Select the longest stitch that your machine will do, mine goes up to 5.0. Then stitch the ends of your center piece, do not back tack! But do leave yourself a big long thread tail. Pull one of the threads to gather the center piece.

Next you are going to insert the gathered end of the center piece into the open end of the tie piece.

And sew the center piece and the end tie together.

After you sew both ties onto the center piece you have a super spiffy new headband to wear. 

Here is me and the fam out and about last weekend, while I had on yet another of my spiffy headbands. 

Hope this helps you and your hair get through the last few weeks of heat! Feel free to email me with questions and I would love to see pics of any headbands create!

Peace Out!

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