Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Today WILL be better

Yesterday was not my best day. As you may or may not know, I have been dealing with being afflicted with panic attacks my entire life. I had not had one in several weeks and yesterday I did. And it was a bad one. I was convinced that my life was terrible and that I was a failure at everything I do and that nothing was ever going to change.

Well none of this is entirely true today. What brought on the panic attack? I am not entirely sure but I am guessing it was a combination of things and somehow they just tipped over into too much. But like I said today will be better and I am moving on. A fellow sewer Gertie had blog post this morning that was just  what I needed to get going today.

The green jacket is well under way, but I have gotten stuck. It is puckering in a weird place and I am not entirely sure what to do about it. I may have to take it apart a little. I need to have a low stress day so I am going to take a break from it and do something easier today.

I also wanted to show you the fabric Eric brought me from Japan. Have you ever seen the show Iron Chef?  Basically chef's are given a mystery ingredient and they have to make a meal out of it. We here at the Weeks household are calling my fabrics from afar - The Platinum Seamstress Challenge!  How does it work? You ask...
First Eric travels to crazy countries for work. While he is there he hunts down a fabric store and brings me back what he finds for me to make into something lovely.
Here are the fabrics in the Japan Challenge.

This is a light weight canvas. Not sure but will probably be something for Marion. 

Yes it is only 16" wide selvedge to selvedge, no idea what to do with it? But it is lovely and I am totally into navy blue right now, weird I know.

When he sent the pic of this I thought it might be silk. But no it is cotton w/ sparkles. And only 1 meter. PJ shorts?
In case you have forgotten my first challenge from a far off land came from Spain, and I have not finished it yet either and I am avoiding it as well since I am just not up for anything hard today. But I will have to face the hard projects again soon because they are sitting there staring at me and life is all about challenging yourself to move forward and do more and be more. Just not today and maybe not tomorrow? But soon I will get back on the "horse" that threw me because we have to keep trying. 

What are you up to today? or tomorrow?

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