Monday, August 16, 2010

Does it have to be Monday ALL day long?

First I have to tell you I am SO glad that Eric is back from Japan. I had not been sleeping or eating well, which is what always happens when E is gone for more than a day or 2.  Last night I went to bed at 8pm and did not wake up until 6ish. So I am feeling much much better!

I decided to finally sew together the lime green linen jacket that I cut out in early June. Yesterday I got my new machine all ready and got green thread on the bobbin and started sewing. Only to my dismay to discover it was not sewing properly. Oh no! I tried every setting possible with no luck. The top thread was just laying there and the bobbin thread was coming up from the bottom looping over the sad top thread. After many many attempts I decided that I was wasting too much green thread and that I needed to continue my research efforts with a different color thread. What do my wondering eyes see, but when I used different thread she sewed just perfect. So I re-thread the green thread again, same problems as before. Took me a minute but I think I finally realized that the machine does not believe that this green thread and this green linen fabric were meant to be together. I trotted on over the the local shop that I don't love but is super close to my house and got some Coats & Clark green thread that I am hoping will do the trick. This saga is to be continued......
This is as far as I got before I gave up and went to try and get new thread.

Yesterday I managed to finish my lap top sleeve.

It took me longer than I anticipated. Since I was not using a pattern and just making it up as I went along there were a few construction issues along the way. For example closure of the flap. I had planned initially to use Velcro. But when I got to that step I discovered I was out of Velcro and was too lazy and cheap to go and buy any. So I decided to make the closure a tie.

In the end this was a good decision because now every time I open my lap top sleeve it is like opening a little present. It is pretty cool. My new machine did a great job on this project, sewed right through a crazy number of layers with no issues at all.

I am hoping that the thread  and fabric issue is just a small one. I will be super disappointed if the machine cannot handle delicate fabrics as well as it should. We shall see what I manage to come up with later today.

I have gone to the grocery store and done all the things I have to do today so I am going to spend the rest of my day sewing! Well until it is time to make dinner, and feed the fam and then go to a volunteer committee meeting. Marion's school wants me to head the fall festival committee, what do you think? Should I do it? 

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