Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!

September 11, 2004

My husband Eric is very hard to shop for. However I have discovered that he LOVES when I make shirts for him. So rather than try and figure out something to buy him I made him a shirt.

It turned out great and he loved it! He is rather handsome. 

For this super cute shirt I use Simplicity 5581, and for him I cut a size medium and do not have to make any changes. Mystically it is long enough which is weird because he is super tall but I will take it.

The odd thing is this is the 3rd thing I have made recently that has turned out eerily and unintentionally similar to the picture on the envelope.

The fabric I used for this shirt is a landscape print and not Hawaiian like the picture. But still strangely similar. Next project is going to be something different!

I have made Eric two other versions of this shirt that look less like the one on the envelope.

This one he got for his birthday and was the first time I used this pattern. It has dinosaurs on it. I almost wimped out and did not make it with this fabric but my friends Diana and Clare talked me into it.

And I am glad they did, he loves it and wears it quite a lot. Our daughter Marion has a matching skirt and I have a matching headband so we wear them when we travel, sort of lame but sort of un too! We always get lots of compliments when we wear them.

The second shirt I made is a blue batik. Picture below is of him wearing it while he is taking down our baby gates!! So nice to have some space back in the house. Those gates were making me crazy.

And now for some funny pictures.

This is my best friend's daughter Mackenzie wearing the dinosaur shirt while Eric chases her. Yes he has on my headband because he is a ninja!

Last night for our anniversary we are going to the 80's prom at the Children's Museum. I did some serious thrift store shopping for us so we should be pretty much the coolest people there. We did not know each other when we were prom going age. Plus I would have been 11 when Eric was a senior in high school which would have just been creepy. So we are now going to get the chance to go to the prom together. Should be radical!

You are a great husband and I love you VERY much!

We did not win best outfit but we did totally rock!

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