Friday, September 10, 2010

More Self Stitched September Clothes

Sometimes it feels really good to finish things that you are not sure you can finish. Like this jacket. As I was making it I was calling it the "evil green jacket". But now it is just my green jacket and I love it.

I started on the green jacket a while ago and finished it up right at the tail end of August. I wore it today for the first time and even though it is short sleeve I was HOT all day. It is linen, why was I so hot? Oh yes I know why because it is never ever going to cool off!

I cut this pattern out in May, along with the pants that are in the same pattern envelope. I managed to finally force myself to sew them after they sat in my project bin taunting me for 3 months. Now in the world of sewing sitting on a project to let yourself fully absorb it is not really all that long. However I was lacking cute wardrobe items because I needed to get them made.

I am going to be honest and tell you I was nervous about making this. I tried to get started and lost my nerve several times. But I went back to my mantras:

"It's just fabric", 
"you can fix it if you mess up 
or get more fabric", 
"if you really screw up 
you can scrap it 
and no one will ever know"

These are the things I tend to tell myself when I am sewing. I talk to myself a lot but even more when I am sewing. In August I finally got up my nerve an I did it.  It started out easy peasy. Then about 3/4 the way through I got stuck. I froze up. I just did't know what to do next?

Had I started out reading the directions then maybe I could have turned to them for help.  But I have a very bad habit of never reading the directions for patterns I just plow right through doing it my own way.  When I got stuck I put it on my dress mannequin and waited for it to finish itself. It was staring at me, it was taunting me.

Another thing I tell myself is that no one will even notice the little mistakes that I made. Commercial clothes are total crap and no one inspects them why do I think people will inspect the things I make. Here is proof that you don't notice mistakes until they are pointed out. Here they are:
1. The pocket pleats are not the same, one pocket they are going in the other they are going out.
2. The sleeves are a little different. One is more gathered and the pleats don't really match here either.
3. The inside facing is making the front pucker a little.
4. The top button hole is a little bit off and crooked.

Why did I tell you all this? To inspire you! See your sewing does not have to be perfect. Mine is really good but it is not perfect and you would have never known if I hadn't told you. So make stuff and wear it proudly people! Whatever you make for yourself will be unique and interesting and special because you made it. However I will admit that when I make things on commission for other people I would never ever let them get out the door with any mistakes. Funny how I put more care into items for other people ;)

Peace Out!

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  1. Great post Chrissy! It's true...nobody thinks a moment about the construction errors in RTW, so why do we torture ourselves? Your jacket is lovely. I love the color and style!