Saturday, September 4, 2010

Some fabric tells you what it wants to be .......

My magnificent husband Eric bought me this really great fabric when he was in Spain. And as part of my Platinum Seamstress challenge I had to figure out something make with it.

I started to make a shirt. Here it is all laid out ready to cut. It is a very fine fabric. I used pattern weights instead of pins I was trying to be super patient. But I could not get it cut out right. I cut out the pattern piece and held up the fabric and it looked nothing like the pattern piece. It is very slippery. Instead of fighting with this fabric I decided to let the fabric tell me what it wanted to be. And that ended up being a night gown! Which I am enjoying wearing. It is supper soft and comfy.

I made it with no pattern. I sewed the selvedge edges together to created a fabric tube then I simply draped the fabric around my dress mannequin and stitched it where I liked it.

I finished the top edge and added straps using some satin bias binding that I purchased to use with this fabric. The only seam is at the back of the night gown.

Then I hemmed the bottom. I was having major trouble getting this fabric cut straight so the hem is a little wonky. but oh well. It was an experiment with a type of fabric I have never before worked with and is for sleeping.

You are going to have to take me at my word that it came out looking decent and fitting great. Did I mention it is really see-through, I do not need an x-rated blog post on my hands so you can use your imaginations if you like.


Today is a super steller self stitched day. 
The whole family is wearing items stitched by me. 

Daughter in Mama made dress.
Was a men's L Star Wars t-shirt. 

Mama in self stitched shirt.

Daddy in Mama made shirt.

Now I am off to enjoy a long holiday weekend with friends! See you Tuesday!! Have a great last big weekend of summer.

Peace Out - C!


  1. That's a totally great effort, and your daughter looks like a little rock star!

  2. Thanks! She loves it when I tell her that! You are sweet!