Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Today is going slowly

I decided that one thing that would help reduce my stress would be if I totally cleaned out my email in box. I started on this at 8:30 when hubby and kid headed out the door. And I finished a little before 11. I had stuff in there from July. I made new folders and got everything all sorted and organized and I am hoping I can keep it this way for at least a few days.

I do the same thing with my sewing room and all my fabric every now and then. And it stays like that for a few days (ok sometimes only hours).

On the home front I am now officially a "soccer mom". Darling little Marion will be starting soccer in just a couple of weeks. Last night was the parent info meeting. Apparently I need to purchase a size 3 soccer ball and the tiniest shin guards ever known to man. But a bunch of 3 year olds running around on a field should be pretty darn cute. And I found a new mom buddy. She and I already have plans to enjoy wearing sweat shirts and drinking coffee while we "watch" the games. Granted some of this hinges on the weather ever changing.

In another hope that the weather would change Eric got out my hammock for me. He bought me this when I was pregnant and I have not really enjoyed it as much as I had planned. But it is out and M and I have been having lots of "hammock snuggles" in the mornings.

As far as sewing goes I am at the cutting stage once again. I am almost out of pins which means I probably have enough things cut and should start sewing. So far I have a Halloween costume, a dress and jacket all cut. I plan to do a couple more before I set back up for stitching. Who are these things for? What will they look like ... well you gotta stay tuned.

I would love to hear about how you work? Do you plan way ahead? Do you stock pile your stash? I hear there are people who only work on one thing at a time, crazy I know!

Hope to hear from you - Peace Out - C

p.s. here is my Self Stitched September shot for today

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