Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So you sew........?

I think I mentioned that a while ago the teachers at M's school discovered that I sew. If you are a fellow stitcher you know that this question is often followed by...."oh, can you make me fill in the blank?". So I was asked if I could make some zipper and button boards for M's class. Without really thinking about my response I said yes. (Of course, well it is flattering to be asked, right?)

Then I had a bunch of other things come up and I put it off for a while. But I did manage to get the zipper boards done and taken to school. We will see how they like them and then determine if they need any more.

I have never made one of these before. And have only ever even seen a few of them that were manufactured. So I used a separating coat zipper on the left so they could practice that as well as the easier regular zippers on the right. It took me a while to figure out what to use as the insert. Can you guess what I went with? I think it turned out pretty great for such an experimental project.

I have started on the button board. I have all the pieces sewn up and ready to get put together. For this one I am doing half of the board to look like a shirt so they can practice a bunch of buttons in a row. And then I have a bunch of other little pieces that are like cuffs that will button. Should be pretty cool once I get all the pieces together.

While working on this project I started on M's Halloween costume and my piece for the charity fashion show I am doing. Additionally I need to make Eric's Halloween costume. And oh ya there are like a million other projects I want to be making but just do not have time for.

I love volunteering but after I finish up my two current projects no more volunteering for the rest of the year! It just takes up tons of my time. I am still a little bit in the process of re-evaluating my priorities. And I know one priority is my house. It needs to be fixed up. The poor thing looks neglected. One thing I am really looking forward to is new bedding! We have had the same sheets since we got married and there are holes in them and they are just pitiful! This is going to happen soon. I am going to make time to take better care of the house and my peeps. And sew stuff and take over the world! Oh wait did I type that? I was supposed to just think it ;)

Also for those interested we had a great time at the Bar Mitzvah and M loved getting to wear her fancy party dress. We had a big break in the middle of the day on Saturday and she wore the dress to the zoo, since I could not talk her into changing.

Tomorrow I am attending a memorial service for a relative. Not looking forward to it. But such is life, right?

Hope you are doing well and that you have the chance to do something fun or rewarding for yourself this week. You should make sure you take time to take care of yourself. And one day I am going to actually take my own advise.

Peace out - Chrissy


  1. Love the Owls! How is the progress on the Christmas market Clairemont this year??

  2. It is coming. I got officially approved as a vendor now I just need to start making stuff.