Sunday, December 5, 2010

Show was great! Soon starts VACATION!

The show was great on Friday and Saturday. Here is what my booth looked like for those of you who did not get a chance to come say hi. And those of you who did, it was so nice to see you!

The space I was given was not exactly what I had envisioned but I made it work. And  all the other vendors in my room were extremely nice so that made things go more smoothly.

Business was brisk on Friday night, but Saturday was slower than expected. Over all I sold a fair amount of items and had a good time. And I only bought 1 thing for myself which shows some serious self restraint if you ask me.

Now, am I going to make a career of craft shows? No I really do not think I am. It served its purpose. I wanted to clear out the stock pile of fabric that I had and move on. And that was accomplished, mostly. I have a few aprons left as well as lots of flowers and headbands. I had 40 sets of napkins and I have 10 left. I am working on listing all the remaining items on Etsy. I also have one more custom order to finish up. And as soon as I am done with that I will officially be on vacation. Ok as much as a housewife and mother ever gets to go on vacation. Wednesday is my goal for this.

I think I am actually going to take a possibly permanent break from trying to make my sewing into a business. I don't think the timing is right. Or maybe I just am not meant to be a business woman.

I plan to keep sewing but just for myself, family and friends. And only things I want to do. I also hope to try some new things and expand my skills. I plan to spend some time learning my craft. I know I am good at what I know how to do but I want to expand my abilities.

For now I am feeling like being a housewife and mother is enough for me. I have tried to do more this year and things have just not worked out as I had hoped. It has been a rough year. I think I need to just make my plans smaller and focus on the good things I have. One thing I have realized this year is that I do have great people in my life who I am very thankful for!

What does this mean for the future of the blog? Well, I don't know. One possibility is that I write a few more posts and shut it down. The other is that I change the focus since I am changing what I am doing. I am not totally sure yet. Any suggestions?

Peace Out - C

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