Monday, December 13, 2010

What did you think you were going to be when you grew up?

When I was young I often contemplated what I was and was not going to be when I grew up. I never really could settle on a profession. I toyed with the traditional Doctor or Lawyer. I thought a lot about be a mechanic and regret not looking into that option. However, I really wanted to be an artist but was convinced that was a hobby not a practical profession and never really pursued that route either.

This is me in High School,
full of hope and confusion. 
One thing I was sure of was that I was never going to get married and I was never going to live anywhere near my parents. Well I was basically wrong all the way around on what I would want out of life as I got older.

I did get married and I have to say it is on the short list of my VERY wise decisions. I was also wise to hold out for the right person to marry. My husband is fantastic and is one of the few steady things in my life. I tease him for the fact that he never seems to change while I am a swirling tornado of change around him. But maybe it really is his stability and steadiness that I admire.

I do not live near my parents. And this is one I might change if I could. My dad died several years ago so the door is shut on that one. But my mom lives about an 11 hour drive or short plane ride away. And I admit I do not make enough effort to visit her as often as I could. Hum... New Years Resolutions may be my next post. At this time we cannot move closer to her. So for now this is a moot point as well.

So what is my point? I am back to wanting to be an artist. I have tried practical all sorts of different ways and all I can say is that I am not practical and trying to be a person I am not has not served me well over the years. So, what steps am I going to take towards this new dream? Well for once they are going to be small ones. I typically take the "GO BIG or go home!" approach to life and that is not working out either.

My first step is to give myself the gift of time. If I am not a money making artist in the next few years that is ok. I need to spend time looking at the world and figuring out what sort of art I want to do. I have always preferred making and doing things rather than your traditional "desk job". And I hate sitting in front of a computer all day. I know ironic I am sitting here now writing this.

For now my main "job" is being a housewife and a mother. And I am going to work on doing both of those better. And maybe just some peaceful living of life will point me in the right direction. I have spent my entire life feeling lost and out of place. I am done feeling that way. I am exactly where I am supposed to be doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.

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Have a great day! Do something just for you today.

Peace Out - C

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