Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Got started, yeah!

I am surprised to report that I actually got a little sewing in this afternoon. Spunky 3 year old fell asleep on the couch and I got to kick hubby out of the office and get some sewing done.

As you know I am working on a fancy party dress for an event at Emory University on the 31st. And I have never used this pattern so I am going the safe route and making a muslin. I measured all the pattern pieces and such but there are so many gathers in this dress that there was no way I could figure out the measurements.

This is a vintage vogue pattern. Which is a re-do of a pattern that Vogue first published in 1948. When pattern companies do re-releases of vintage patterns they typically make adjustments for modern fit standards. I still think this one runs a little small.

I have been doing research on this pattern and there are varying and conflicting reviews out there. But I have to say so far the muslin is going remarkably well.

The pattern suggests that you put in both an invisible side zipper and a small zipper with buttons over it at the back. I am contemplating two options. Either just buttons at the top back and make it longer so I can get onto it. Or add a modern touch and do something funky like and exposed zipper?

Example of an exposes zipper
For those of you not following fashion the exposed zipper trend may be trending away. But I like it because it adds a modern touch and is super extra easy.  Plus I have some really cool black and silver zippers. Since it is one of the last steps I will hold off on deciding and keep you in suspense.

Today I managed to get the main pattern pieces cut. I am still trapped in the house by ice and snow so I had to use what I had on hand for the muslin. I had a fair bit of actual muslin so I used that as well as a piece of cotton.

I am going to only put together the main pieces to ensure basic fit of the dress. I am not going to do all the finishing stuff that the real dress will need. So far the biggest adjustment I have made is that I shortened the dress by 5 inches. It is supposed to be mid calf but based on the pattern pieces it would have been closer to upper ankle on me. So I am shooting for a little longer than below the knee.

Another change I am going to make is the way that the pieces go together. The pattern calls for some top stitching of the S shaped bodice and I think that in the velveteen I plan to use on the real dress it would look weird.

In the picture below you can see that I am using red thread for the seams so that I can see where they are and determine how things are working.

Once I have everything planned out I am going to trace the seams with a sharpie and take it apart so I can use the muslin pieces as my pattern pieces when I do the real deal. I hope this works. If I don't have to make too many adjustments I will be super happy.

I hope to get a chance to work on it some more tomorrow. And I hope even more that this whole week will not be a total wash! Everything is closed tomorrow and no plans for a warm up so ...... CABIN FEVER!!!

But I already have big plans for some upcoming projects, including participating in a Men's Shirt Sew Along and auditioning to be The Next Sewing Star, should be pretty cool.

Hope you are doing well!
Peace Out - C

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