Monday, January 10, 2011

SNOW DAY!!! Decided which design & New shirt

I am sitting here with my daughter "watching" Mulan for the second time today. We made pancakes "with scratch", played in the snow, did some art projects and there is talk of making a chocolate cake. We come up with silly time fillers when we are stuck in the house.

In my last post I asked you for help in deciding which dress pattern I should use for my new fancy party dress. The vote was overwhelmingly for option 1, the vintage vogue.

So I started reading the back of the envelope, I even bought the shoulder pads that it calls for in the design. The fabric arrived and has been washed and is ready for cutting. But I am nervous. I have made a few dresses for myself. But this fabric is more delicate and will not take kindly to being taken apart multiple time. So I am thinking I may be to make a muslin. Which is basically making an entire dress just for practice. But I am thinking that I may do it in a fabric I like and call it a "muslin" so that I can wear it if it turns out alright.

I plan to get started on the muslin in the next few days. And then I can cut the actual fabric and make sure that I have enough to make the dress.

I have other projects waiting in the wings so I need to get my butt in gear. I also need to do some more research for finding a new camera.

Here is the shirt that I finished for Eric.

Yes he is making sort of a goofy face, he does that for pictures. But he still looks pretty cute to me.

I used McCalls M6044. It was a fairly straight forward project. The sleeves did not match up with the shoulders completely but they never do.

The fabric is phases of the moon and the shirt fits pretty well. When I make another one I am going to make the body of the shirt a little longer and wider.

Also I made one mistake, the buttons and holes are on the wrong sides of the cuffs. I think I was just not paying close enough attention. But no one will really notice except Eric. And the next one will be better!

Marion really wanted to be in the picture so here she is.

Hope you are having a good snow day! Or if you are in a city that has more than 8 snow plows you might be having a regular day today.

Peace Out - Love C


  1. Sweet shirt, and we <3 the snow angels! :-) D

  2. Thanks Dagmar! I always appreciate your support ;)