Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I am one of those people that love this day of love. But then again I love ANY excuse for candy and gifts, particularly those that do not hide behind any guise of religion. Valentine's Day is fun for the sake of fun. And if you are "alone" this evening take it as a chance to love yourself. Make yourself a nice dinner, buy yourself something nice or just give yourself a gosh darn break! And if you are being a Grinch about it well, eat a piece of chocolate and calm the heck down! But I do feel you I am a bit of a Grinch about Christmas ;)

In the spirit of the the fun of the holiday we woke up and opened gifts this morning.  And yes I gave Eric another shirt. But it is a new pattern and he says he likes that I make him shirts and the man is impossible to shop for. The pattern is the Negroni - No. 1014 from Colette Patterns. It is a lovely pattern and the directions were great! So much more detail and thought than the big commercial pattern companies. You know what I mean :)

I told him to look less silly and more like a model and this is what we got.... I used red pinwale corduroy and antique buttons from my Nana's button box. I have to be careful they are running low! 

I also used some of my favorite fabric to line the collar, cuffs and back inside yoke of the shirt.

My (normally) sweet daughter was being a total pill this morning. I made her a matching little tunic top and she would not let me take a picture of her in it. She and I had a big Mama / Daughter clash this morning. I guess that is what happens when someone has the exact same personality as you. But she is at school and I have cooled off a bit so I can at least say she did look super cute in it.

Here is what the birdies on the front look like....

I got the pattern for the top and the birds as well as the concept for the legs from Meg McElwee and her fantastic! book Sew Liberated. She is very inspiring. The pattern in the book is for a short tunic top with elastic at the sleeves and back. I made the top 5 inches longer hoping it would be more like a dress and skipped the elastic. The birds are from a different project in the book and the concept of the button feet is from a third project. It is overall a great book.

Tomorrow is my deadline for getting started on the redecorating of my sewing room! I am actually looking forward to it rather than dreading it like I was.

Hope you have a nice Valentine's Day! Give yourself a treat, you deserve one!!

Peace out - C


  1. Very nice! I like the lining fabric. It's like a hidden surprise.

  2. Thanks! It was a fun shirt to make.