Thursday, March 3, 2011

A few steps closer to finishing my projects for other people!

My daughter's preschool is having this big fancy Auction. The childrens' artwork will be auctioned and there is also a silent auction of items donated by parents, family and friends. So that I did not have to run around town asking for auction donations I am in charge of marketing, AV and photography. Yes it seems like a lot but all within my skill set. Asking people for money and stuff or anything having to do with finances are not the jobs for me.

In addition I decided that I would donate a couple of my items to the auction. Parents who have participated in previous years said that handmade items sell well. All proceeds go towards spiffing up the school.


I decided a pretty spring Mom and Daughter apron set would be a great item for the auction. The daughter one is exactly the same only in miniature, it is toddler size since everyone there will have a kid in the school under 5 I figured it was a good audience for this.

And since whenever I talk to people about the aprons I make they ask me about aprons for men and boys I also made a Dad & Son set. On this set I did more detailing since I drafted such a simple pattern for them. And I busted out my new binding foot and learned how to use it! But I will tell you all about that tomorrow.

Peace Out - C

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