Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sewing Buddies - 2nd meeting

Today I managed to actually get a lot of sewing done. I finally finished a project that had been haunting me. And I met up with my sewing buddy Pearl.

We are still working on our Colette Crepe dresses for ourselves. This is Pearl finishing up cutting out her interfacing. We went on another little field trip today and bought thread, appropriate machine needles and interfacing. We are using the sew in variety since our fabrics would not work with fusible.  Pearl actually got to the point of sewing a few pieces today. I did not.

I am making my dress out of silk. Which is incredibly difficult to cut. Well time consuming might be a better description. Since I could not fold the silk and keep it folded and cut that way I had to cut each piece out individually. It took forever! But now it is done and in a couple of weeks we will get together again and work on some more sewing. Of course I had to pick the most difficult way possible to make a "Beginner" pattern. I am really hoping that I can get this dress made by the end of the month.

Peace Out - C


  1. Wait until you try sewing the silky material, you'll start to think cutting it out was a breeze!! Good luck with the project, it's such a pretty dress.

  2. I am worried it is going to be hard. But I really hope I figure it out. Because the fabric is gorgeous! And I bought more silk than just this, for another project ;) Thanks!

  3. Regarding your Crepe in a charmeuse, I think you should try to underline it, maybe with a cotton voile.

  4. Thanks for the lining tip! I was starting to think along the same lines. I think I will have to do that.