Thursday, March 31, 2011

Now selling my wares at HomeGrown in Decatur, GA

Prom Night Napkins
Now that is is officially official I can tell you that I am the newest artist selling and working at HomeGrown in Decatur square, starting April 1, 2011. Head on over to their website and check it out and if you have not yet been in the shop drop by! I will be working my first shifts on April 18th and 19th from 1:30 - 5:30.

The items I am selling there will also soon be listed on Etsy for your viewing and purchasing pleasure ;)

There are just so many cute and funny fabrics out there. Many of them I can not imagine what the heck to do with them but I love them so I make them into napkins. I love funny napkins it just brightens up the breakfast table, or any meal really. We all use them everyday and love them. They are great for picnics too. And when ever you go somewhere that has good biscuits, throw a napkin in your purse so you can wrap a biscuit up in it and save it for later.  

Snack and Sandwich bags!

In an effort to support other small businesses I ordered some clip backers for the flowers pictured to the left, from a fellow Etsy shop. Well the backers are not here yet! When I ordered I did not quite realize that she was not in the U.S. and it is taking FOREVER. So IF the backers show up tomorrow the flowers will get done in time to be dropped off at HomeGrown with all the other stuff. If not I will let you know when they will be there.
A sandwich in a re-usable sandwich bag.
The snack and sandwich bags are based on the old fashioned fold over baggie that was the type we had when I was a kid. They stay shut and hold things in surprisingly well, as long as you don't use them for anything too juicy, but even cut up fruit works as long as it doesn't get too squished. I pretty much always have one full of (or just emptied) goldfish crackers, fruity Cheerios, Wheat Thins or some other toddler approved snack. And as of yet I have not had any leak out.  

Fun and useful fabric napkins! Eco friendly too.

Cute spring color headbands. 

Thanks to my sewing buddy Pearl for modeling and helping me get everything ready for my HomeGrown drop off tomorrow! I promise we will get back to our dresses next week.

Oh, and I did not win the Burda "It's Sew Easy" challenge.  However another fab blogger, Gertie of Gertie's Guide to Better Sewing did and she is super cool so you should check her out too. She was on my short list of people who I thought I could live with if they beat me and I am thrilled for her!

Peace Out - C 

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