Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sewing Buddies - Part 3

Yesterday my sewing buddy Pearl and I finally got the chance to get together again. We are still working on our Colette Patterns Crepe dresses. Pearl had a rather productive day and learned several things, I think.

I on the other had simply cut out the lining for my dress. My dress is silk and every time I hold it up it clings to me like a moody 3 year old and won't let go! I happened to have some light weight cotton lawn-like material in navy so - lining it is!

Pearl is new to sewing and I am trying to introduce her to all the tools I use to make sewing "easier". Well... if not easier they produce a better result. Her mom sews but apparently takes a different approach than I do. I am not a strict follow the rules stitcher but I do press a lot. Apparently Pearl's mom's reaction to all my pressing was "that probably does help" or something along those lines. Every stitcher must choose their level of "rule" following and decide what they want from their sewing.

Speaking of pressing, Pearl was introduced to the ironing ham. There are 4 darts in the front bodice and 2 on the back of the bodice and we discussed why they are there and how they help with shaping the dress to your body. She is tiny but still needs the darts to help shape her bodice.

We "cheated" and did not make muslins and are just fitting as we go. So far it is working out. But will not be as perfect as if we had made a muslin.  Fortunately Pearl prefers a looser fit and I think we will achieve that quite easily without making many changes.  

Pearl also got to try her hand at the serger. She had never used one. I threaded it and got it all set, then she serged the inside edges of her facing pieces. Yes I know there are many fancier ways to finish facings. And they all have their benefits and draw backs. But we decided for our purposes that serging was best. She is using a light weight linen blend which serges nicely. And we are focusing on her learning construction and sewing techniques on this dress and will focus on details on some other project.

This was a rather ambitious pattern for our first project together but it is going pretty well. I have a plan to catch up to her at some point.

One thing I have learned from her (and other students) is that it is harder to teach as I figure out. Meaning I am doing this pattern with her for the first time so she does not have the benefit of me having experience with it. I am having to do some figuring out as we go. Probably not the best teaching strategy but hey we are just sewing "buddies". We are just hanging out and sewing together it is not a formal teaching situation however I am happy to be learning from this experience as well. It is also nice to have some company while I sew. It can be an isolating hobby / career.

We have decided that our next project is going to be one I have done before and love and it is super easy yet turns out a great finished blouse. But we must finish the Crepe dresses first!

Hope you have a great weekend!
Peace Out - C

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