Friday, March 18, 2011

Shirt still needs buttons?!?!?!

How has this whole week already gotten away from me?

Volunteering at my daughter's school is the thing that has sucked up most of my time this week. They are having this huge fancy fund raising auction and I am in charge of marketing and AV. I did all the flyers, emails, posters and programs as well as the slide show of all the kids making the art.

I have spent hours on this thing, AV check with the event facility is at 2. And I just finished the slide show, phew! But it is already after 10 and my house is not clean and my mother is in the car on the way here right now. Fortunately I don't think she will care about the mess, but I do.

The week started with such hope and promise of sewing getting done. I finished the skirt, that I am going to wear to the auction! Yeah! But not yet finished with the shirt. On Tuesday morning the shirt looked like this.......

This is how pretty much every project starts, big pile of pieces and a cup (this was my 3rd that day) of decaf. The pattern is McCalls M6035 and I LOVE it!!! I have made it once before. It has cup size options. So I cut a 14D which is about a RTW 10 with a much increased chest area.

The thing that really makes this style work for me is the arms. Right now (I am working out like a fiend these days) I have rather large arms I the poofy sleeve. But it is just the right amount of poofiness. Not too much, not like a pirate costume or anything. But just enough to camouflage my chicken wings for now.

One tip about making a pattern you have made before: measure and fit as you go. The first time I made this I must have made some fitting adjustments that I do not remember doing and did not write down or I have gained weight.  Well ok I KNOW if have gained a few lbs but the previous version still fits. Any way...... I was able to make it work by decreasing the seam allowance on the side seams to tiny. And then the shirt fit perfectly all over again.

It is almost finished. I just need to hem it and add buttons. But Dear Readers, I am stuck! What type of buttons should I use? And what type of hem? Maybe pearl buttons and a bias tape hem? It is just a white shirt. But the reasons I wanted to make my own white shirts are; 1. so it will actually fit and 2. so it can be a little different. If I manage to get my shirt figured out and done I will wear it with my new skirt to the auction. If I do not well, a  little floral embroidered cardigan from Target that I already have will work in a pinch.

Oh and I have a confession to make, I bought a dress. I know I know I have piles of fabric and patterns of the dresses that I have plans to make. But I was out helping my cousin shop and I got sucked in! It is green linen, has ruffles and a great cinched-pleated waist. And it was only $40.00!! The TJMaxx in Buckhead is AMAZING!! I mean seriously I will have to think about visiting Buckhead more often. Any way I just feel like I cheated somehow buying a ready made dress but really I could not have made it for the price so there ya go.

Have a great weekend! I am off to clean and organize. Oh and I better call the printer and check on those programs........

Peace Out - C

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