Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another day, another skirt

Over the weekend our friend Merrie came to visit from the frozen tundra known as Rochester NY. We went and did all sorts of Atlanta-y things that I don't often get to do these days. We went to 2 different parks and spent tons of time outside since the weather was lovely. We ate at the Flying Biscuit twice and had dinner at Watershed, it was delicious as usual. However they have a new chef and if you don't eat pork your dinner choices are even more limited than in the past. And while it was delicious and I love eating at fun restaurants I spent part of this week in a bit of a funk.

What has me down? Well I need to loose some weight and I just cannot manage to figure out how to make it work. I joined Weight Watchers a few weeks ago and now weigh more than I did when I started. And because I am feeling chubby I am having trouble making and fitting clothes for myself.

On Tuesday I made this skirt....  from the New Look 6843 pattern.  I did view A which is the pink one on the top left here. It says it is a 1 hour easy skirt. And honestly it would have been if I had just trusted my initial instincts and picked a size and stuck with it. After opening the envelope and looking at the tissue I decided to make the skirt bigger.

The short version of this story is that I finished the skirt and then spent quite a lot of time making it smaller. I think I took it back in - to the size it would have been if I had just cut it in the size I decided on in the first place!!!!

I am so peeved at myself. I think that part of the problem is that I recently made something and it is too small. I really think that I gained 5 lbs after I started on the stupid shirt. And now the buttons are pulling a little. So basically I am utterly frustrated with myself!

It is fabric that I love and have been wanting to make something for myself since I got it a few weeks ago. It is peaceful graffiti on fabric and is super amazing.

And even though I feel like I wasted tons of time puttering with this silly skirt, I am glad I made it and looking forward to wearing it.

I woke up yesterday feeling better and like there was hope that I am capable of making things for myself no matter what I weigh and that I just need to focus. This week was supposed to be some time to make stuff for me but not if it going to make me feel so bad and like a crazy person!

I did try my hand at another invisible zipper, my 2nd ever. And it is way better than the first one I did. This one is almost close to invisible. You can see just a tiny sliver of blue peaking out but not too bad. I am sure I will get better with practice. I have in the past been terrified of zipper.

Maybe all I need to do is keep trying. There is always tomorrow and the day after that...and the day after that..... All we can do is keep keeping on. And in the mean time I actually have a decently cool skirt to wear out into the world. I tell my sewing students all the time, "If sewing were easy, everyone would do it". I guess I just need a dose of my own advise.

Peace Out - C

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