Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ohhhhh Yea, Easter is this weekend!

Last night we were playing in the driveway with the neighbors. Another mom (my buddy Megan) and I realized that Easter is Sunday! And a couple of weeks ago we had talked about doing an egg hunt! So we put together a plan. She and I have a meeting scheduled with the Easter Bunny and some wine for Friday night to prep for Saturday afternoon's hunt!

For me along with the bunnies, chicks and candy Easter also means new clothes! In particular you have to have a new Easter dress, right? (Notice no mention of any sort of religious affiliation with said "holiday"). I admit I am a "secular" celebrator and am not affiliated with any religion.

I do not normally add trim or any fuss to dresses that I make for Marion. But some how this one ended up with a bias tape band and ties as well as a little daisy chain detail. It actually sort of makes the dress and takes it from every day attire and elevates it to a dress worthy of being Marion's "Easter Dress".

At first I was worried that the butterflies and the color would make it more of a Summer dress than Spring. But I think in the end I made some good decisions and it turned out nicely.

I did a rolled / napkin serged edge on the little flutter sleeves, neckline and hem. The pattern called for the neckline to be turned down to create a casing for the elastic but I decided to just use the finished edge to create a ruffle look at the neckline. I used this technique on a shirt for myself recently and it just creates a nice detail.

The back tie is simply bias tape sewn folded. The yellow belt brings out the yellow detail in the butterfly that is more apparent in person than in the photos.

Hopefully I will get some good pictures of her in the dress this weekend. There has been talk of even going to the Mall to meet the Easter Bunny. When asked if she would like this Marion's response was "and I get to meet the Easter Bunny? and hug and kiss the Easter Bunny? And talk to him? because he lives at the mall!"

So Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus and Yes Marion the Easter Bunny may indeed live at the Mall!

Peace Out!
- C

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