Sunday, April 24, 2011

Was the Easter Bunny good to you?

 I must admit that I am the Easter Bunny ("EB") at my house. My sweet husband earlier this week said to me, "oh yea, Easter is a present holiday for you".  Um.... what holiday is NOT a present holiday? How long have you known me? When would I say no to a gift of any kind? So I am apparently getting an Easter gift sometime next week, it was ordered.

Even though good old EB forgot about me we had a great Easter. As you saw in my last post I got an Easter dress done for Miss Marion in time. And she LOVES it and wore it Saturday and I washed it Saturday night so she could wear it today. She even got her picture taken with EB at the mall on Saturday in her fab new dress. This is her jumping up and down in the yard in the middle of an egg hunt with our neighbors.

Saturday was the first egg hunt of the weekend. Friday night fellow EB Megan and I got the eggs ready and we had a super fun time on Saturday with the kids.

I am happy to report that I did also manage to finish a new Easter skirt for myself. It is in a fabric that I initially bought for my little business. But I decided it was too cute so I made one set of napkins to sell and also made myself a skirt.

I was short on time so I made a pretty simple no pattern elastic waist skirt. It is just two big rectangles for the body of the skirt and 4 smaller rectangles, 2 for the bottom band and 2 for the waist band.

I did use a pattern piece for the pockets. But hey if it ain't broke don't fix it. I knew these pockets were the right size and shape for what I wanted.

Basically you sew together the main skirt pieces on one side, then you do the same with the bottom band pieces and the waist band pieces. The you sew the bands to the top and bottom of your main skirt piece. So it looks something like this (on right).

Then you fold in half and sew the other side seam, now you have a tube starting to resemble a skirt. Next you press down 1/2 inch at the top and bottom. Then you fold each band in half and sew in place. But when sewing the waist band leave yourself an inch or two to put in your elastic. This way you do not have any unfinished edges.

Once you have pulled your elastic through sew your opening shut. I attached the pockets last, I just was not sure where I wanted them. You could easily add an in-seam pocket or leave the pockets off all together. I just like pockets.

And then there you go an easy breezy little skirt. If you want more specifics about measurements of what I used let me know. But you would need to base it on your waist and how poofy you want it to be. Mine turned out a little poofier than I would have liked. But I wore it today and got several compliments so I guess it was not so bad.

Today was egg hunt number 2. We went to my cousin's house full of kids and chaos and for once I just sat back and enjoyed it. I usually get exhausted by all the kids and craziness, but I am mellowing. And actually have a kid in the mix makes it more fun. I think today is the longest we have ever stayed over there. And Marion loved playing with all the other kids it was great.

I also got to see a long lost friend. Well she is a friend of my cousin's really but I had not seen her and years and it was really nice to see her I have always liked her. I need more girl-friends.

Looking ahead to this week I am hoping to get some work done on the dresses I am making for myself. My sewing buddy Pearl is coming over tomorrow and I want to get ahead of her on the dress so I can be any help at all to her on hers! So we shall see. I am already feeling a little tense about the week because I am way more scheduled up than I would like to be. But I am going to try and stay calm and just take things one task at a time.

Hope you had a great Easter and you are looking to a great week ahead.

Peace out! C

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