Friday, May 27, 2011

It's hot, I need some shorts!

I went shopping earlier this week as my "fun" off day thing to do. Well in the end it was not really that fun. I could not find a single pair of shorts that fit right. I tried on ever brand and every size I could find. I tried on everything from a 12 to an 18W. I am happy to report that I do not wear an 18W because it fell right off me but I did come home frustrated and empty handed. I was only cheered up a little when a size 2 friend told me that she is having the same problem this year.

Now let's establish that I do not have nice enough legs for anything shorter than a Bermuda short. So when I say shorts this is of which I speak. Second I no longer wear capri pants. I admit that for a while I bought into the capri pants as part of the summer uniform. But really they are not that much cooler and they look so much worse than the alternatives. My summer staples tend to be long linen pants, skirts and dresses of all kinds and Bermudas. 

Oh what to do? Make my own shorts! I have been down this road before. In September I made these shorts. Sort of cute right? Well they were a nightmare to fit and took me hours and hours and the first time I wore them the linen pulled from the seams right at the front of the shorts and this is the only time I ever wore them! The style of the shorts was OK but the fabric was a disaster.

My main fitting issue is that I have large legs and a large rear end and a smaller waist. Thus making pants in general DIFFICULT to buy to say the least. But as I was looking through my patterns I stumbled across a shorts pattern that I not only already owned but though, "by-golly that just might work!"

I originally bought this pattern for the 3 tier skirt. I know I don't really need a pattern for a tier skirt but it was $.99 and I am willing to spend that sort of money to save me from doing math! But I digress...

The shorts pattern is view C the little plaid lovelies in the upper left of the envelope.  I had a few major fears in making them. What if drawstring Bermudas make me look like I am a frumpy old lady? What if they don't fit? Really, 1 hour? I have tried some 1 hour patterns before that were major liars!!!

Well honestly they fit perfect! They only took about an hour! And I think my fabric selection (and my general fabulous-ness) saved me from the old lady frump.

I made them in a very lovely and versatile chambray. I have yards and yards of it. I bought it a few weeks ago when I first decided I needed a more simple and sophisticated (and less silly) wardrobe.  It looks like a light weight denim which is nice since it goes with just about anything.  I am amazed at how nice they look and how well they fit. I wore them to work today and they were super comfy!

Here is the overall look. More about the new shirts another day! But look how nice it goes with my new shorts.

Even my worst problem area is well fit and not looking too terrible in these shorts. Very exciting people!

The draw string waist isn't even too dorky in my opinion. Really who wears a tight tucked in shirt any way? Unless I had told you about it would you have known? Any way I am excited to have some shorts for the summer. Now if I could find some more great fabrics and make a few more pairs.........

Have a great weekend! Heading to the Decatur Arts Festival tomorrow morning. We will be in the kids area I am sure ;)

Peace Out - C

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