Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Day, New Project!

I have had this Liberty of London fabric for way too long! You may remember Eric bought it in London for me. 

I had been trouble envisioning what to make with it. But the other day I got a new Burda Magazine and it finally came to me. A dress, yes a dress.

This is the second time I have ever actually pulled that scarey pattern section out of the magazine and used it. And again I realized it really is not all that scarey. Once I got started it only took about 45 minutes to find and trace out all the pieces.

And on Thursday I did not have any plans and was not feeling entirely well so I skipped working out and worked on this dress for most of the day. I started on it at about 9 and was finished by 2 with a break for lunch. So over all not too bad I would say.

I am happy to report that I did not have any fitting problems or anything. It sewed up quite nicely. With almost no trouble. In the end the front was a little too poofy for my liking so I threw on a belt and perfect! I added 2 inches to the length but other than that went straight from the pattern size 44. I must say now I am inspired to try some more Burda patterns.

I have worn this dress twice since I made it on Thursday so I am sure it will be my go to dress for the summer. The main reason I love it is that the fabric is so light and airy and feels like wearing nothing but looks like real clothes. Just the type of clothing needed in HOT weather.

Hope you enjoy what is left of your Holiday Weekend!

Peace Out - C

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