Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Matching PJs and taking a break from the blog :)

This is my 100th post, and I have decided that I am taking a summer break! It is the first official week of summer and me and the kiddo are doing fun things together! 100 posts about sewing and life is really quite a lot. So not sure when I will be back, next week, maybe not til July. But hey we all need a little mental vacation now and then.

Around Mother's Day I had the great idea to make matching PJs for me and Miss M. She agreed it was a fantastic idea and loved the fabric that I picked, cowgirls was our theme of course. Her nightgown it just a simple little girls slip pattern from McCalls M4505, view A. It was super simple just two pieces. Then for the neck and arm holes I trimmed out the seam allowances and used bias tape to bind the edges. Turned out all cowgirl cute!

For my matching jammies I did a little Franken-pattern. I used McCalls M5992 for the pants, and shortened the pattern to capri length. And wile I do not like capris for day wear I do enjoy them for working out and for pajamas. For the top I once again used my favorite pattern the book Sew Liberated by Meg McElwee. I have made it many times before check it out here.

This time I shortened the sleeve so that it is just a touch longer than a cap sleeve. I also made the body of the top a little wider and longer. I like my sleeping attire to be loose and comfy!

This picture right here is exactly why I love sewing right now. Marion thinks that I am so super cool because I make things for her. And she is very interested in learning to sew. I really hope she stays interested and I am going to enjoy her enthusiasm and her thinking I am cool while it lasts.  I am sure it will end before I want it to.

So yes this is my last post for an undetermined amount of time. I want to take a break before I reach a burn out point and quit out of frustration. I just once again need a little time to re-group. I need to re-visit my New Years resolutions and think about all the different options that have been coming my way lately.

Whatever you do this summer I hope you get a chance for some fun in the sun as well as a little rest and reflection. I think this is a great time of year for checking in with yourself and finding new energy for the people and things that you love in your life.

Peace Out - C

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