Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Headband styles and a Teflon foot to try today!

A couple of weeks ago Homegrown Decatur (where I sell my stuff) announced that they are one of the sponsors of the Decatur Greenfest on this coming Saturday. They also invited all us "green" artists to be a part of the booth and sell items. This is all awesome except I have not been able to keep a lot of back stock. Gee I know there could be worse problems.

Applique headband, these and many more for sale at the Greenfest this weekend!
But part of it is that I am constantly changing my designs to tweek them or just keep them fresh so I don't get tired of making the same things all the time. I have done this with my snack and sandwich bags. Now I am selling bags with a cotton outer and a polyurethane lined inside. It is basically a combination of my two previous products.

I have also come up with a new design for headbands. No worries I am still making and selling the much loved tie-back headbands. The new ones feature big colorful ribbon bows that are a little funky and have an elastic back. I like things to be girly and flashy without venturing into too little girly or cutesie.

This is my first attempt at fabric covered buttons. I was out shopping yesterday (aka procrastinating) and found a kit on sale for 1/2 off and decided to give then a whirl. Now I have yet another thing I am in love with! The fabric button adds a great finishing touch. The two pictured have little hand made fabric leaves matching the button center.

You may be asking yourself, "how is Chrissy a green artist?". I consider my work "green" for a few reasons. The main one being that the fabric I purchase is primarily used for re-usable products that are intended to replace (or greatly reduce use of) disposable ones. Then I use the scraps and leftovers from them to make my smaller products. I try really hard to use all the bits of fabric and not throw anything away. Anything that is too small for me t figure out how to use I give to other artists or donate to my daughter's school for art projects. Additionally I mostly sell my work locally. I do ship all over the country but the bulk of my work stays right here in GA.

Another new item I am working on are re-usable tote bags, The Charlie Bag, you may remember I made them for Marion's entire school class. Those were made of old sheets and the kids drew on them and made them their own. For the ones I plan to sell I am making them pretty so that people will want to bring them with them to use rather than getting an old plastic bag.

I had this brilliant idea to line the Charlie Bag with Polyurethane ("PUL") fabric. Then they would be perfect for anything messy, like the pool or the beach. But I have had some trouble sewing them. The PUL sticks in the regular machine and I want it to be better than simply serged. I did a little research and pictured to the right is the Teflon sewing foot that I ordered. I just pulled it out of the package and it works like a charm! Now that my problem is solved no more procrastinating.

On top of everything else picture day is tomorrow at M's school. I wonder if I have time to make her a new dress for the pictures?...........

Peace out - C

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