Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sewing Buddies meet again

So far the making of our Crepe dresses is slow going. I am not sure what the trouble is. But I am having a hard time "helping" Pearl with this dress. Part of the problem is that I am making this dress for the first time as well and we both chose more difficult fabrics. And another part of the problem is the weird shape of the sleeves. I decided that since the sleeve shape is so weird that I would hand hem my sleeves.

 This is what the inside of my bodice loos like right now. All I have left to do is finish putting together the skirt, attach it to the bodice and hem. I have decided that I am going to make this dress again. But when I do it will be in cotton and I will trim the whole thing in bias tape, I think if I did that it would be a beginner dress. The dresses Pearl and I are making are turning out to be not so beginner.

Here is Pearl ironing her skirt. She is further along in the dress than I am and is nearing the finish line. However since we were lazy and did not make muslins she is having some fit issues.

Additionally she has had a fair bit of trouble with the facing for the neckline and the sleeves. One thought I have is that we used interfacing that is too heavy for the fabric and should have done a self facing of the fabric for the neck and sleeves. It is sort of tempting to have her cut it all out and do a new one. But she might flip out it I suggest that to her.
So here she is in her dress. It is pretty darn cute. But it is not perfect. As you can see the sleeves are big and weird. The bodice is loose but she prefers her clothes loose so that is not really an issue. She cut a size 4 and we already took in the side seams 2 inches. Oh to have such troubles!

But I think that the waist and sash are fitting nicely and it is hanging alright. Just needs a little tweeking. All in all for her first dress it is not bad. Anyone have any suggestions on how we could have done better?

Peace Out - C


  1. Ummm, yeah, please don't ask me to do the sleeves over again (unless we're making a whole new dress.)

  2. No I think you are right we should just make this one wearable and start fresh on something else ;)