Friday, May 6, 2011

See you at the Decatur Greenfest tomorrow!

I  know there are a million fun things to do in Atlanta this weekend. It is festival season after all and with the weather like it is you better go outside and do something tomorrow! Can I just say I am LOVING this weather. Could it be any more perfect? This is why people are happier in California because the weather there is almost always 68 and sunny. I am going to drag my work outside and finish out there! If it were more often like this I would like living here more.

I am doing two outdoor things this weekend. First thing in the morning I am doing the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. If you would like to make a donation please click here. I am just doing the one mile walk. I am super out of shape right now and not up to the 5K but maybe one day I will get back to it. Think of me when you wake up b/c I plan to get to Atlantic Station at about 6:45 in the morning.

Then in the afternoon is the Decatur Greenfest. It starts at 3 and goes til 9 and there will be music, food, drinks and lots of cool handmade stuff to buy from Home Grown. I will have some new items for sale myself. My favorite new item is the polyurethane lined tote bag.

It has a cotton outer with a waterproof lining. The handles are edged in handmade bias tape which adds both strength and cuteness.

What are the uses for such a tote bag you ask? Great question, it would be perfect for the pool or beach. I used mine today to bring home all my sweaty stuff from my hot yoga class. Basically any time you are going to be getting messy and carrying stuff. I only have a few colors ready right now but if people like them I have plans to make more.

They are in whimsical fabrics as is my usual style. My perpetual need to make the everyday more fun and interesting.

I will be doing set up and working the Home Grown booth (the entire band stand), until about 4 then I plan on hanging at the festival with my peeps. So if you are one of my peeps and you are going to be there look for me or send me a text message so I can find you!

Peace Out - C

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