Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chrissy Weeks aka BEST Aunt in the World!!!!

So my nieces H & H are being baptized. And you know it is in a church and all. And well my oldest niece (she is 5) has her fav little stuffed animal buddy, Tiny Monkey and he is part of the family so he needs to come to the event. Apparently he did not have a thing to wear. And as all you sewers know the answer to that is "Aunt Chrissy, can you make a suit for Tiny Monkey?" How could I say no to those huge brown eyes? Both H and Tiny of course.

H & M wanted to make sure I knew what he looked like for his suit.
So I agreed to make a suit for a monkey. I was glad to hear that there was a back up monkey available for fittings, since the real deal lives very far away.

Back up Tiny Monkey in his natural state
The pants were easy, which is funny because I have a terrible time fitting pants on myself. I got them right the first try. No problem at all. I even remembered to put a tiny hole in the pants for his tail.

The shirt was easy too. But I admit I took the wheenie way out and did just a dicky rather than a real shirt. But I think the tie turned out nice.

On the fourth try I got the jacket right. Ok you try a set-in sleeve on this tiny of a suit coat. I did the whole thing out of felt I thought it was formal enough for the occasion and I did not have to worry about finishing the edges.

Monkey, Tiny Monkey (like Bond, James Bond) he he he I the only one laughing??

I think over all he looks rather dapper. And I know my niece will be happy and her monkey will be properly dressed for the event. Now if we can just get all the non-monkeys to look this nice.

I think the pocket and pocket square just bump it up a notch, don't you?

Hope you have a great Labor Day! There is a TON of stuff going on in the ATL this weekend, Decatur Book Fest and DragonCon are my top 2 suggestions.

Peace Out - C

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