Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Needed a break from the one woman sweat shop!

Recently I have been feeling a little frustrated at cranking out stuff without it being super fun. As my last post told you I made 144 (or so....) napkins in one day. What that proves is that I can make a ton of napkins. It does not make me feel like I can sew anything interesting or give me any satisfaction of making something creative. It used to, but I have sort of moved on. However the napkins sell well so ....... well that gets into a whole other topic.

Back to my need for a little creative outlet and freedom to do something more interesting. I signed up for the Guided Painting Studio class over at Callanwolde Art Center, it is taught by Dawn Kinney Martin and it was so fun today! Basically you just bring whatever project you have in mind and work on it with as much or as little help from the instructor and the other students as you want.

I had almost forgotten I had signed up so last night I was at Utrecht buying supplies at 8pm. But I managed to get my act together and get to the class prepared.

Here is the pic that I am using as my "inspiration"
This is from a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland in November of 2006.
I have a plan to use this as the background and then do black and white sort of ghostly images over it. Yes I know sounds a little crazy but if I can make it come out like the images in my head it will be fantastic.

So today I started on the outline of the buildings and such. I started in pencil, but Dawn suggested I try sketching it out in paint. And she was right, so much easier and better. Drawing is not my strong point.

So the bright blue lines are the outline. I decided that I wanted my scene to be a little swirling and fanciful. But I do not want to tip over the edge into cartoon-y, so I have to be careful.

I used to paint all the time and I had forgotten how much I LOVE PAINTING!!! It is so fun and relaxing and well I could go on and on. But I am very excited and feeling creatively refreshed. Which I desperately needed.

This is how far I got today.
It needs a ton of work, and most likely will not get touched again until class next week. But now I have something to look forward to and think about while I trudge through finishing up some sewing projects that I am less excited about.

Hope you are doing something today that makes you feel creative and fun! If you are not, you should!

Peace Out - C

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